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The Police Staff College, Bramshill, is the principal police staff training establishment in the United Kingdom. The need for a training college for the police was pushed heavily by Sir Frank Newsam. The college was established in 1948 as the National Police College and originally located in Warwickshire; however, Newsam was able to secure its permanent base at Bramshill in 1960. This film, made by members of the West Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary, is a promotional film highlighting the different facilities and training the college has to offer.

Title - Sir Edward Dodd, C.B.C. H.M. Chief Inspector of Constabulary

Sir Edward gives an introduction about the police college. He speaks that the governors of the college are made of officers of various ranks, and following this, a map is shown pointing out the college's location in the Hampshire countryside. The programme of training at the college gives all officers the opportunity to maintain the Queen's Peace.

Title = Bramshill The Police College

A student arrives at the college, and he is welcomed by officers and senior students. The student is shown around, and there is much exterior footage of the estate, its buildings, and the surrounding area. Students arrive from all over the country, and gathered in the auditorium, are welcomed with a speech. There are shots of the officers and international students as well.

Many different courses are offered at the college, and different examples are shown. In Lecture Room A, one of the officers gives a lecture on Police History. In another classroom there is a small discussion group, and in other classroom settings, different officers have a chance to share their experiences with the students.

Practical lessons are also part of the curriculum, and a scenario has been set up to test the students on how they would deal with traffic conditions if an airplane crashed nearby. On a busy high street, the students gather around a map to work out a plan allowing access for emergency vehicles. Back in the college amphitheatre, a large floor map has been set out for the groups to present their plans.

Seminars also deal with issues surrounding sensitive data, how to investigate, when to keep information a secret and the maintenance of a relationship with the general public during times of investigation. Students are taught ways in which to give information at a press conference.

Recreation activities are also offered at the college, and students are seen participating in a number of different activities including: volleyball, badminton, cricket, archery, rugby, table tennis, choir, and chapel services.

Students are given the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom. They are provided with instructional visits to other constabularies and the London Air Traffic Police. There are shots of the airport.

The college library facilities are shown, and students are provided with individual tutorials and weekly conferences with visiting lecturers.

At the college bar, students meet to socialize and "talk shop." The college dining facilities are also used to entertain, and students host as important guests arrive at the college. The large dining hall is decorated for a formal gathering, and the men and women, dressed in eveningwear, are seated at long tables. The guests all stand for a toast.

The course lasts three months, and at the end of every three months, the college holds a graduation. The Home Secretary is in attendance to take the salute, and for these particular festivities, the Birmingham City Police Pipe Band has been asked to provide the musical accompaniment. The cadets march off. (Here there is a portion of the film missing as it comes to an abrupt ending.)

Title - Produced by the West Riding Constabulary for The Police college with the co-operation of the Commandant, Staff and Students.