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YFA 4618



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This film is a documentation of different types of police work the West Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary faced in 1962. Initially capturing cadets as they advance through the rigorous training process, the film goes on to show the sheer variation of police work, documenting all aspects from general office work to officers making arrests.

The film opens with two officers entering a building. A male civilian walks to the building entrance and is met by a female officer who directs him inside. The male, now a cadet, is then shown inside the building wearing an officer's uniform, which a tailor smooths down, before a senior officer enters and inspects the new uniform. The exterior of a school building is shown; inside, police cadets sit at desks taking notes as lecturer stands in front of a black board. The filmmaker gets a close up of the male cadet the film focuses on. Cadets then march in formation along the courtyard past the main school building, before they are filmed during calisthenics, with the cadets wearing white vests and shorts. There is then a sequence in a swimming pool, where male and female cadets practice lifesaving manoeuvres.

The passage begins with a senior officer inspecting a row of cadets. The filmmaker then captures a brief view of the cadets' families, who watch from the side-lines. The cadets march towards the camera and are saluted by the senior officer. The spectators applaud.

Two men wearing suits enter a building that has a plaque by its entrance, which reads, 'criminal investigation department'. Inside the department building, an officer talks on the phone, noting down some information. He then removes a document from a filing cabinet and returns to the phone, where a board on the wall reads, 'West Riding of Yorkshire constabulary - Clearing house procedure'. Again shots show the cadet at a long row of filing cabinets, sorting some documents. An exterior view then captures a radio antenna, before shots capture the cadet making a radio call to another officer, who, upon receiving the information, moves a tack on a map.

The next sequence begins in a darkroom, where the officer develops a photographic negative, holding it up to the light to reveal a picture of a man. The cadet then works a Kodak Glazing Machine and an image of a car is ejected. The following shots show an officer tending to a horse; a senior officer dismounts, and the officer leads it to the stables, where he grooms the horse. The next shots take place in a garage where two mechanics work on a car engine. Three officers enter a recreation building, where some constables play pool, while others sit together reading a newspaper.

The following sequences show examples of common situations police officer deal with. The first part opens with an exterior view of small rural police station. Inside, an officer talks on the telephone before leaving and cycling off on his bicycle. The officer arrives at a residential building. Knocking on the door, the officer is greeted by a woman in a patterned dress and she shows him to a back garden where some pigs are kept.

An officer stands next to his bicycle by the side of the road. Opposite him, a car pulls up to the petrol station and the officer crosses the road to talk to the driver, who smokes a pipe. A truck then pulls up behind him and a young man steps out the truck and is met the officer. An officer walks up to a house. He checks the windows and the door before walking round the back. An officer cycles into a farm, where a farmer points to some damage on his roof, and the officer takes a statement. A senior officer then exits a car and writes in another officers log book by a telephone box. An officer then helps a young boy who has a flat bicycle tyre. The officer then returns to his police station and sits at his desk.

At a police station, a switchboard is shown before an officer leaves his desk to use the telephone. A woman is then shown talking on the other end of the line from a telephone box. The officer gives the report to another officer, who relays the information to two constables, and the exit the police station at speed. Dashing to into their squad car, they head off to the scene where a man is trying to break into a house. They arrest them man and lead him away. A woman then waits in the station, and gets excited when an officer comes out with a small dog. An officer then directs a man on a street. Back at the police station, the burglar is having his details taken at a desk, before the officers lead him away. An officer is then captured walking down a street. In the police station an officer look on at an offender sleeping in his cell. A group of officers then return to the station and hang up their gear.

Title - Making the grade.