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A film made by the Technical Aid branch of Durham Police Constabulary showing all aspects of police cadet training. The film shows cadets taking part in academic studies at Durham Technical College and Durham Agricultural College as well as on assignment with various sections of the police. The film also shows cadets taking part in a number of outdoor activities including rock climbing, abseiling and canoeing as well taking part in a camping trip. The film finishes with cadet annual parade at Durham Constabulary headquarters at Aykley Heads in Durham attended by the High Sheriff of Durham.

Title: A Technical Aid Branch Production.

Title: The Police Cadet.

Title: Police Cadet Training School Aykley Heads Durham.

The film opens on an overhead view of the police cadet accommodation blocks and radio mast at Durham Constabulary headquarters at Aykley Heads in Durham City. There are general views of the entrances to a number of the blocks which have names above the doors that read: ‘Finlay’, ‘Bede’ and ‘Hardwick’.

A young man and his father enter an office. The young man is interviewed by the Chief Superintendent in charge of training, the Commandant of the cadet school and the tutor responsible for cadets at Durham Technical College.

The film cuts to show a cadet’s study-bedroom. On the single bed a cap is laid out on top of the bedding and there are a number of posters on the wall.

A cadet in uniform walks along a corridor and enters his study-bedroom. He removes his cap and jacket and washes his face in the basin in the bathroom.

The film cuts to show cadets relaxing in the common area. Some are watching television while others play table-tennis and snooker.

In a gymnasium male and female cadets perform various Judo throws watched over by a tutor.

The film cuts to an overhead view of an empty swimming pool at Aykley Heads. A number of male cadets come out of the changing area and dive into the pool. They are seen swimming up and down the pool before practising life-saving techniques.

Title: Durham Technical College.

General view of the exterior of Durham Technical College. Five male cadets in uniform walk up to and enter the college.

In a classroom a number of male and female cadets listen to a tutor who is writing on a blackboard.

Outside five male cadets are taught how to use a Theodolite.

Title: Attachments.

Inside a building two signs attached to a door read: ‘Communications: Control Room – Main Control’ and ‘Prohibited Area’. A cadet walks through the door and shakes hands with a police officer. The cadet then takes a seat at a communication desk and listens while the officer explains what each of the buttons and switches on the desk does. The cadet is then shown a large electrical map of County Durham.

A second cadet is seen seated at the console dealing with Durham motorway. A line of lights along the top of the console indicate emergency telephones at one mile intervals. The cadet picks up the receiver and speaks into the mouthpiece.

The film cuts to the exterior of a police station. Parked outside is a police Austin Mini van. A cadet and police constable come out of the building and walk out of a set of gates onto the street. In the distance on the hill above can be seen Durham Cathedral.

Standing on Elvet Bridge looking towards Kingsgate Bridge the constable points something out for the cadet. Along a road the constable points at the double yellow lines as traffic moves past.

The film cuts to an exterior view of Durham Agricultural College.

In a field of cows a number of cadets stand listening to a tutor. The cadets hold a sheep examining its fleece. The film cuts to a farmyard where the tutor shows the cadets how to drive a Leyland tractor. One of the cadets climbs into the cab and drives the tractor across the yard.

There is a close up of the Durham County Fire Brigade insignia on the side of a fire engine. Standing next to the appliance are six male cadets in overalls listening to a fireman.

The cadets quickly rush past camera, pick up a number of hoses and attach them to the fire engine. The sequence ends with two of the cadets holding the end of the hose spraying water off camera.

Title: Outdoor Activities.

At Durham Constabulary headquarters at Aykley Heads prospective cadets complete an obstacle course. They are seen swinging across a large pool of water where some of them fall in, crossing a ladder hand-over-hand and crawling under a rope net. Several cadets slide down a death slide.

At Wainstones in Yorkshire a cadet climbs a steep rock face. At the top a second cadet in an orange mackintosh takes up the slack of the rope attached to the climbing cadet who comes over the top.

The film cuts to the rocky cliffs at Cullernose Point in Northumberland where a group of cadets stand on the cliff edge preparing ropes and harnesses. A cadet abseils down the cliff. At the top another cadet holds the rope as a second cadet climbs up and over the edge of the cliff.

General view of a parked Land Rover with trailer. A man looks over a number of canoes that are attached to the trailer before climbing into the Land Rover and driving off.

A sign attached to a building reads: ‘The Aln Boatyard’ at Alnmouth in Northumberland. The camera pulls back and pans right to show a group of male and female cadets standing beside the Land Rover and trailer.

The cadets in swimming costumes carry their canoes towards the water’s edge. They are given instructions on using the canoe by an instructor who also shows how to put on a life jacket with one of the female cadets. General view of the cadets on the water.

A number of cadets in canoes paddle along a river and pass under a single-rope bridge. Four male cadets attempt to cross the bridge but fall into the river.

The film cuts to show a campsite on a hillside. There are views around the camp showing a number of two-man tents pitched around a central larger tent.

Using primus stoves the cadets cook themselves a meal of stew, potatoes and vegetables. Once cooked the meal is served into metal camping bowls or billy cans.

The sequence ends with a cadet plays a guitar surrounded his colleagues.

Title: Annual Parade.

At Durham Constabulary headquarter at Aykley Heads uniformed cadet’s march onto a parade ground watched over by a seated crowd.

The High Sheriff of Durham; Elizabeth Scylla Riley Lord accompanied by the Chief Constable walks onto the parade ground. The Commandant of the School approaches and salutes. There are views of the three of them inspecting male and female officers. The High Sheriff stops and speaks with one of the female cadets.

The film cuts to a male cadet marching up to the High Sheriff and saluting her. She presents him with the Charles Saunders Bowl for the greatest contribution to extra-curricular activities when at Durham Technical College. He takes the bowl and immediately hands it back to the Commandant of the School. He salutes again, turns and marches away.

A second male cadet approaches High Sheriff and salutes her. She presents him with the Bells Sport Cup for most outstanding sports man or woman of the year. He takes the cup and immediately hands it back to the Commandant of the School. He salutes again, turns and marches away.

A female cadet approaches High Sheriff and salutes her. She presents her with the Sue Tomlin Memorial Trophy for a female cadet who has shown the most personal pride in her appearance in the year. She takes the cup and immediately hands it back to the Commandant of the School. She salutes again, turns and marches away.

Walking along a line of female cadets the High Sheriff present awards for completion of silver or gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme.

Standing on a raised platform the High Sheriff watches as the cadets march past. General views of the cadets performing a synchronised routine. Another cadet performs on a trampoline. Watched over by an instructor a group of cadets perform gymnastics.

The High Sheriff and Chief Constable leave the parade ground followed by a group of dignitaries.

The film cuts to a man carrying a suitcase walking through the gates at the Police Training Centre at Dishforth in Yorkshire. He is greeted at the entrance by a police sergeant who leads him inside.

The film ends with the man coming out of a set of double doors and standing on set of stone steps wearing his new police constable uniform.

Title: The end.