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YFA 1536



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Made by members of the Leeds Movie Makers, this is a film which takes a look at the different types of animals two poachers go after.

The film begins in a back garden where ferrets are being kept in a cage. Then two men with shotguns walk across a field. One of them steps over the camera. Next there are some rabbits, also in a cage. The two men stop and one of them shoots and collects a rabbit, still alive. The other one rings its neck. There are some calves in a barn. The two men continue on their rabbit hunt interspersed with shots of rabbits and pigs. One of them dives onto a rabbit sitting in a field and rings its neck. A couple of rabbits are caught in traps. Again, their necks are broken. The men display three dead rabbits laid out on the grass for the camera, before going to their car and the film comes to an end with the sunset.