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YFA 672



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This is a film of the Surgey family on holiday in various places between 1934 and 1937 including on the beach at Filey as well as playing in the snow.

Title - On Pleasure Bent: Filey, June 1934 (showing the flag).

The film begins with the family sitting on the beach at Filey.  A woman, wearing a nurse's uniform, has planted a small Union Jack in a sand castle.  A small girl helps them make more sand castles with a bucket and spade.  A couple play cricket in front of the beach tents.  The small girl gets changed into her swimming costume.  An older girl in school uniform joins in making sand castles.  There is a view over the beach and a close-up of an elderly couple walking along the beach.  The small girl goes for a ride on a donkey, accompanied by her dad.

Intertitle - The Riddle of Aberdaron Sands, June 1935.

A woman sits on the beach with three small children.  The two small girls play in the sand.  Other family members are sat in the small beach, with several rowing boats.

Intertitle - Winter Sports Three Arches, 1935-36.

The three small children walk in the snow with their parents.

Intertitle - Snowballs or sand pies, What's it matter? 

The children run around and throw snowballs at each other. The father, wearing skates, joins them.  The film switches to summer, with the children playing in the back garden on a swing and in the sand pit.

Intertitle - Southport, June 1936

Two men sit on beach chairs and roll a model car down a sand slope they have made.  They are joined by several small children.

Intertitle - The tide came in at last.

They all sit on the beach eating sandwiches.  The family are then seen walking through a public park with lots of flower beds.  The children bend down to smell the roses, before feeding ducks in a pond.

Intertitle - It must be lupines makes you "loopy"

They walk through an area of lupines and continue to feed the ducks.

Intertitle - Denmark trip, Aug. 1937.

There is some good film of Copenhagen at end.