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NEFA 21923



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An amateur public awareness film made by Durham City Council with the assistance of Durham Rotary and Round Table to remind residents and visitors to the city to pick up litter and dispose of it correctly. To illustrate the point, the film follows a family on a day out in Durham who drop litter wherever they go. They even manage to flaunt good practice when eating and drinking near a litter bin. The film features views of some of Durham’s well known locations.

The film begins with general views of the city of Durham and the River Wear.

Title: Durham City Council Presents

Title: Please Keep Durham Tidy

Title: Assisted by Durham Rotary and Round Table

A white refuse truck pulls up at a kerbside. A sign on the driver’s door reads: ‘City of Durham – No. 10 – John Wilfred Green’.

A notice at the rear of the truck reads: ‘Durham and It’s Beauty Belong To Us All, Please Keep It Tidy’.

Title: British Railways Day Excursion to Durham – 2/6d Return

At Durham railway station a steam engine pulls up to a platform and a family gets out of a carriage.

The family leaves the station and walk through the city leaving litter in their wake. They ignore a number of council litter bins along their route.

Down by the river the family settles down on the grass for a picnic, next to a litte rbin. They throw their picnic waste on the grass, and leave. A boy scout picks up the mess and puts it in the bin.

General views follow around the gardens near to the cathedral and the garden next to the Durham Light Infantry memorial tablet set in the cathedral wall. A view follows of the cathedral cloisters. The family litter an area just in front of the cathedral main entrance, and again a boy scout picks it up.

At the River Wear spectators sit on the grassy bank while watching rowers on the water.

Next, the family are sitting outside St Nicholas’s Church on Durham Market Place, throwing more litter on the ground. Again it is put in a bin for them.

The camera follows the family back to the railway station, more litter left in their wake.

A general view of Durham City follows. Back at the railway station a train departs. The family walk down a street to their semi-detached home. Back in their own garden, the children are instructed by the father to dutifully pick up litter.

The film cuts back to the Durham Market Place where street sweepers clear a mass of litter after traders have left.

There's another shot of the sign on the back of the refuse truck, ‘Durham and It’s Beauty Belong To Us All, Please Keep It Tidy’ as the truck pulls away down the road.

General views of Durham Castle and Cathedral ends the film.

Title: The End