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YFA 3344



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Made by Eric Bolderson, this is a film of his family on the beach in Scarborough.

Titles: E B Productions
Pleasant Dreams
Colour by Kodachrome

The film opens with a bat and ball game with a girl on the beach at Scarborough. There is a couple looking on and others paddling in the sea. Some rowing boats are resting on the beach, with the lighthouse in the background. The beach has a large area of seawater still on it. Children are taking donkey rides across the sands and people are sitting in deckchairs. A man plays football with his son, with 'Corrigan's' Fair across the street. Children are riding on 'boat swings' and playing in the sand. Three women, one Mrs. Irene Bolderson, sit chatting and laughing in deckchairs. Two men and a child play piggy-in-the-middle and one of the women (Mrs Bolderson) gets covered in sand. As the tide comes in the deckchairs get wet and people pack up to leave the beach.