Film ID:
YFA 576



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This is a film of children playing in the countryside and in a park.

The film begins with some cows on a farm, and a small boy with a horse.  Some children in school uniform stand outside next to what may be a model railway.  There is a garden party, and children playing next to a fountain.  A woman, possibly the grandmother, and two children walk along a country path, with a town behind them in the distance.   Then a car is shown pulling up and the woman and two children get out. People are gathered at some event, possibly theatrical.  A small boy rides a tricycle, and then a pedal car, pushed by another small boy.  Then a couple are out for a walk in a park on a wet day, with three children, one pushing a pram.  They go on the swings, including the double swings, a slide and a roundabout.  Then a large crowd of people are shown making their way to some event.  Back in the park playground, and they go on the ‘umbrella’ ride, the large rocking swing and the rocking horse and the film comes to an end.