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NEFA 22054



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This amateur film made by John Percival Staddon records the assembly of a model railway in the family garden and features a narrative where Staddon's young daughter falls asleep and dreams of full size trains. Sequences of steam and diesel trains on a line to Middlesbrough are then shown.

Title: Playing With Trains

In a garden a young girl sits in a chair reading a copy of ‘Railway Modeller’. She flicks through the pages.

The film cuts to the girl and her family watching their father assemble boards which make up a model railway layout. Their mother looks on. The whole model railway assembly is placed in a metal frame. The children add features such as buildings to the layout. Their father checks that the electric models are running. Two of the girls watch closely to see how things are progressing. One of the girls takes charge of the controls. The girl who had been reading the magazine at the beginning of the film, rubs her eyes as if feeling tired.

Title: Dreaming of Real Trains

The girl falls asleep in her chair. The film cuts to the platform of a railway station, possibly one on the North East coastal line from Middlesbrough to Newcastle.

A passenger steam train approaches the station, and passes straight through. This is followed by a D.M.U. a diesel multiple unit which operated on local services, approaching the platform. The destination board on the front of the engine reads ‘Middlesbrough’. The train stops and lets passengers off. The guard walks along the platform and back onto the train. The train pulls out of the station. The film cuts to a British Railways emblem, painted onto a railway carriage. A large diesel/electric locomotive (D259) pulls a passenger train. It stops to let passengers off then moves on.

The young girl is asleep, then wakes up to join the others at the model railway layout. The three children take over the controls of model railway as the film fades out.