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YFA 5930



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This is a film of the play bus, part of a scheme run by the Playbus Association charity, operating in Wakefield in West Yorkshire.  It was set up in January 1977 and stopped in 2005.  A Playbus was used for providing a mobile facility for a variety of activities surrounding entertainment and education, usually for children of pre-school or school age.

Title – Merrilees Movies Present
Title – Play Bus

A brightly coloured standard double decker bus, with pictures on, is parked by the side of a road in Wakefield.  On board small children are playing with toys.  It is explained that the bus is meant for those areas of Wakefield that do not have any play groups and that it takes in pre-school children.  The bus shown driving around Wakefield, and the commentary explains that parents pay 25 pence for each child.  The children play on the bus with various toys, including a Wendy House, with clothes and musical instruments.  The bus is run by volunteers, and one of these gets the children singing the nursery rhyme Five Little Ducks, and then reads to them from the illustrated children’s book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  The children are later collected by their parents, and it is explained that the Committee of the charity is looking for more parents to take an active part in the Playbus scheme.

Title - the end