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A Tyne Tees Television documentary looking at the present and future development on Teesside. With views of the industry, towns and people who make up the new borough, the Tyne Tees presenter interviews Tim Thornton, planning consultant and Chairman of the Planning Committee. He talks about the future of Teesside and what he expects to happen to the area in the 1970s.

The opening shots show aerial views of road and rail routes into Teesside, followed by shots of Middlesbrough Transporter bridge. More aerial views and general views of Billingham town centre. Travelling shots show pipework associated with the chemical industry.

Tim Thornton is pictured leaving home, kissing his wife goodbye. The film's commentary describes him as chairman of Teesside's planning committee, soon to become Teesside's first mayor. He climbs into his Rover 2000 car and drives off into the main road.

General views of Teesside's industry are contrasted with the proximity of rural areas, as the commentary gives a brief history of the region. A coastal scene shows heavy industry nearby. The camera pans right showing a railway line disappearing into the distance. 

A swan preens itself in one of the marsh pools near ICI Billingham. A lot of land is being reclaimed in this area, illustrated by the shot of a new road built on an embankment. A Jaguar car drives past. The Tyne Tees reporter gives his commentary whilst driving. A travelling follows of industrial works amongst the marshland. The reporter describes the scene and outlines the history of the marshland reclamation. He drives past the Monsanto chemical works, on the other side of the road newly reclaimed land which is now ready for development. 

The reporter drives his Jaguar along a road in the Seal Sand industrial complex. He pulls up at a dead end. He climbs out of his car and does a piece to camera. Tim Thornton arrives in his Rover and pulls up next to the Jaguar. The reporter has arranged to meet him here to conduct an interview. Tim Thornton gets out of his car and is greeted by the reporter, they shake hands. The reporter asks Tim Thornton about the future of the Seal Sands area. His reply confirms that industrial development will define the area.

General views show chemical works and shipping approaching Teesmouth.

The reporter asks Tim Thornton about the quality of life Teesside residents might expect over the next ten years. Tim Thornton replies that their should be big improvements, as up to now the region has known squalor. Over general views of slums and old housing he explains that the Cannon Street area in Middlesbrough, as an example, is now ready for redevelopment.

The film cuts to an interview with Maurice Sutherland, leader of the Teesside council, who is not convinced by promises of new development and improvements. The Cleveland Centre development is shown being built in Middlesbrough. The camera pans from left to right showing that section of Albert Road filmed from Victoria Square. From the north west corner of Victoria Square, there is a shot of some of the newer buildings in Middlesbrough including the Dunning Road police station. The camera pulls back to show a wider view of the square. Maurice Sutherland continues speaking to camera.

Teessiders air their views about the new council in a series of vox pops. A woman complains about the new council as general views show the poor housing towards Newport Bridge in the background. Another woman in Billingham talks about how poorly the town is benefiting under Teesside over general views of Billingham new town centre. A well dressed man, who is a travelling salesman and uses his car frequently, says their should be better road links to the Billingham area.

The reporter then interviews a group of teenagers in the town centre who all agree that Billingham is not flourishing under this new administration, compared to Stockton and especially Middlesbrough. They think the future for Billingham is grim.

Tim Thornton continues his interview with the reporter, outlining developments so far in Billingham and greater Teesside. A shot of a plane flying overhead pulls back to a general view of Stockton high street taking in the old town hall. The camera pans right showing the east side of the High Street, according to Tim Thornton, an area soon to be redeveloped as a shopping centre. A close up of premises now closed on the high street, in front of which people queue at a bus stop. The film cuts to a view of Stockton old town hall.

A series of interviews with members of the public follows in Stockton. They are asked to comment on their experiences of the new Teesside borough. Two ladies say that the new administration has not brought enough benefits to Stockton. Another woman thinks it's wonderful living in Teesside. A younger man thinks that Stockton is a poor cousin to Middlesbrough in the new set up.

Tim Thonton continues to explain the background to central control of services from Middlesbrough.

General views follow of Norton, its high street, the famous pond and village green. General views of heavy industry follow.

Tim Thornton continues on the theme of pollution. General views of polluted water and derelict land. Chimneys belch steam and smoke. Maurice Sutherland continues the theme over shots of housing estates in close proximity to heavy industry. The commentary outlines that residents in Billingham have voiced concerns over pollution. General views of estates and a school playing field.

Maurice Sutherland continues talking about incoming industries to the area. The film cuts to Tim Thornton continuing on the same theme.

General views follow of the Transporter Bridge, followed by travelling shots of a chemical plant and pipes, and railway containers. Aerial shots of Stockton are intercut with Tim Thornton speaking. General views of coastal sands with an industrial plant in the distance. General views of more industrial chimneys and chemical plant. Travelling shot of marshland pools, with chemical works in the background. General views of Billingham town centre where children play on seesaws. More general views of industry. The film ends with a general view of Stockton racecourse.