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NEFA 21375



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This home movie compilation documents trips along the River Allen near Plankey Mill, Northumberland, the first sequences filmed on 3rd May 1936. The film focuses on families and friends who enjoy picnics and walks at this local beauty spot. This film is part of the Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA) collection.

Title: Sunday 3rd May 1936

Title: Plankey Mill

The film opens with general views of the farm buildings at Plankey Mill on the River Allen.  A family picnic on the banks of the River Allen, a couple with their daughter, and possibly the filmmaker’s partner(?). A young girl washes her hands in the river. The man feeds his wife ice cream. The young girl plays in a tree. One of the women at the picnic stands on a rock in the river and overbalances. The young girl paddles in the river. The couple have trouble walking on the rocks in the river and the woman gets her shoes wet.

The family walk across the wobbly suspension bridge near Allen Banks. Overhead shot of cars parked in a clearing beside the river. They continue up a shady, wooded path, then they relax again with a picnic. The man throws stones in the river. The girl washes plates. The mother watches her younger daughter (?) with her friend. They search for dry sticks. The younger girl puts a kettle on a fire they’ve made. The mother is busy chopping sticks. Her husband, now wearing round sunglasses, speaks to camera and burns his fingers on the hot kettle lid. He pours hot water and mugs for the camera.

The families are now walking up a steep path. They pose in a field of cattle.

One of the women washes and dries crockery from the picnic in the river. She jokily threatens to throw her shoe at the camera.

Portraits of the husband and wife smoking a cigarette, and the father and older daughter (sticking her tongue out) follow. After shots of flowers encountered on their walk, the family cross the suspension bridge again. Portrait shot of husband and wife.  Their friend helps the young girl dress.

Overhead shot of walkers. The young daughter waves triumphantly from a position further up hill. The first family are joined by more friends. A woman relaxes against a tree in the sunshine. Another woman in a polka dot dress collects sticks to make a fire.

The family and friends tuck into a casual picnic in a meadow. A dog is scrounging food from the picnickers. A boy toddler and other pet dogs are at the picnic too. More shots follow of people at the picnic, chatting together, one of the women smoking a cigarette, whilst the mother lays back in the grass to relax. The young boy plays roughly with the dog, whilst the young daughter paddles. Two men in one-piece swimsuits emerge from the direction of the River Allen after a swim, both wearing shoes, one with garters holding up his socks.

Brief general views of a lake.