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YFA 4446



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This footage comes from a set of five films which were shot by pupils of Ellerby Lane primary school in Leeds between 1951-1953. This particular piece of film shows a drawing of Fountains Abbey, located near Ripon, where in 1952, according to Mary Milner, a former Ellerby student and writer on these set of films, the pupils visited.

A wall calendar says the date is the 7th of July 1953, the seven circled.

Title - Sermons in Stones
Ellerby Lane C.P. School Leeds

The camera focuses on a scale drawing of Fountains abbey, a bird's eye view detailing the layout. It shows the church, tower, the cloister, passage, Chapte House, refectory, basements, Abbot's rooms, guest houses, and the river Skell.