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YFA 5797



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A short amateur film detailing the travels of a middle class family from Leeds, travelling to Scarborough as a family then Knaresborough and Wales as a group of young adults.  The film includes extensive intertitles describing their journeys.  

Title – G.H.C. Presents Places of Interest

Three generations; Grand Mother, Mother, Father and baby Peter leave the family home in Leeds and enter the family car. Views out of a moving car window, countryside passing quickly by. 

Title – Scarborough 

Various views from a high perspective of Scarborough docks, roofs & chimneys foregrounding sea and busy shoreline streets,

Title – The Fish Docks

Various views of the busy fish market, crowds gather at stalls as fish are gutted and cleaned and other fishermen peddle the fresh produce. A boat with the license SH3 pulls up to the harbour and is quickly roped and moored by a dock worker. A group of small children gather and watch as boats stock is unloaded on a crate with a crane onto the ship yard, dock workers quickly gather to unload the crate.

Title – Peter at 6 months sees the sea for the first time.

Two cars are parked on the shoreline looking out to sea; a woman is looking through the window at the family inside. Four boys out in the sea are pushing a rowing boat out into the waves. Father with Peter in his arms are outside the car and then it cuts back to Peter sat back in the car, with a woman looking from outside the window into the car. The same woman is now on the pier feeding seagulls out in the water. 

A rowing boat with several passengers pulls into the harbour then moors by some steps up to the boardwalk.

A group stood on the boardwalk watch while a man throws a stick for his dog (possible Labra-doodle) into the water, the camera follows the dog out into the sea as it fetches the stick. 

Views of a lighthouse, a steamboat and three rowing boats in the foreground, various other views of seagulls and boats in the harbour.

Title – The “Bilsdale” well and truly stuck at low tide

Views of a large steamboat stuck in the harbour, large crowds have gathered to watch, a rowing boat filled with crew rowing towards the stuck ship.

Title – On the Sands

Various views of families on the busy beach, children building sand castles and digging in the sand, boats are moored in the shallows and young children are seen jumping between them. A young mother and her baby play with a ball on a quiet part of the beach, a man and his dog join in on the ball play.

Title – Scarborough Rowing Club

A crowd of young children gathers to watch the uniformed rowers pushing the boat out to sea. 

Title – Knaresborough

A woman and a dog are seen ascending a steep set of outdoor steps towards Knaresborough castle and they then walk around the grounds of the ruined castle. They stop a while at a view point looking down to the quiet streets in the shadow of the Victorian viaduct over the river Nidd.  The woman and her dog take a stroll through the quiet streets of the town, various passing views of shop fronts, busy cafes and patios. A slowly rising upward view reveals the castle dominating the market towns skyline. 

Various views down by the river bank of canoeists, swimmers, rowing boats and barge boats on the river.

Views of passing country side, then of the parked car with a dog inside.

Title – A stream near Patley 

Views of the woman and her dog playing fetch by the stream.

Title – G.H.C. Presents May 1934

Short sequence of close ups of the family car; views of the registration plate, wheel and hood ornament.

Title – Come with us to Wales

Views out of the front wind screen of car looking out to an empty country road followed by a map graphic with the Towns and Cities; Leeds, Manchester, Huddersfield, Macclesfield and Holmschapel stamped on the frame in that order. Following this are more views of country roads through the car windscreen perspective. 

Title – Halt for Lunch 

Cars and bikes park up for a break and to refuel, a woman in a side car enjoys a sandwich then a quick stretch. Close up of the male motorbike driver eating an apple, facing camera.  Hitting the road again there are various views of winding empty country road, the convoy of motorists stop at a bend to appreciate the view of snow-capped misty mountains, rugged hills and the dry stone walls of Conwy Valley.

Title – Bettws – Y – Coed

Cars park on the road in the valley, rugged hills climbing up to the high mist on either side. A sign reads Bethesda 3 ½ Capel Curig 13 Bettwys-Y-Coed 18 ½ to the right and Llanfairfechan 6 Penmaenmawr 8 ½ Conway 13 ½ to the left.

Title – Bangor 

Winter trees and scarce fields line narrow roads a sign reads teas, refreshments and accommodation. A close up of a business card that reads Mrs T. Williams bed and breakfast Tan-Lane, Tal – Y – Bont, North Wales

Title – Evening 

Couple walk arm in arm down a country road, winter fields and dry stone walls line the road on either side of them. 

Title – Mountaineer 

A man and two women are walking up a hill footpath, various views of animals; goats, turkeys, ducks and chickens. 

Title – Let’s rest 

The group take a breather sat on the log before getting up and attempting the climb again. The group pass through a kissing gate into a field full of lambs and sheep, one of the women in the group picks up a lamb and holds it up for the camera. 

Title – Bowls 

The group enjoy a game of bowls in the field, the man takes a quick refreshing drink from the mountain stream running through field, and then the group set of again.
Further up the path they bump into an old limping dog, which gets a sympathetic pat off one of the women in the group. 

Title – “Poor old chap he’s lame”

The group continue their walk over stiles and rugged uneven country ground. 

Title – Next Morning 

The group leave the bed and breakfast and pack up their car. On a rural country road is a farmer loading a wagon with hay, stacked impressively high, whilst a child watches sat on a pony, then prances around the adjacent film.

Title – Menai Straits
Wide views down to the Menai strait, views of the convoy on the road shot lingers on a road sign for a while that reads; Llanfairpwillgwyngyll, Holyhead 20 miles, Menai Bridge 2 miles and London 259 miles.

Title – The Menai Bridge 

Close, tight frame of the bridge followed by a sign that reads Caernarfon 7 ½ miles Holyhead 22 ½ miles.

A close up of a map and a finger tracing a route along it , views of the convoy driving up steep country roads. 

Title – Road cut through Cliff

Views of the convoy driving through a tunnel inside a cliff rock face. 

Title – Conwy 

Views of the castle at Conwy and the suspension bridge.

Title – The end 1934