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YFA 4787



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This is a film of several places and events in Yorkshire in 1976, including Fountains Abbey, Doncaster Horse Pageant, Ingleton, a tulip parade in Keighley and the Sheffield Lord Mayor's Parade. There is also film of the Queen's Silver Jubilee Parade in London in 1977.

The film begins by showing a pot of flowers on a window sill looking out onto a back garden. The film then switches to show HMS Sheffield docked in Hull, on February 21st 1976. A military band plays as navy personnel, still in civilian clothes, board. The film switches again to a man out walking his dog in the grounds of a Hear Oaks Park. Then a youth (Ian) is waiting in the street in winter time in Hastings. A boy plays with some radio-controlled model boats in a pond, and girls are on a spinning wheel in a playground. The youth wanders around the streets, before two three-wheel cars leave a car park.

The film gives a tour of Fountains Abbey, showing the ruins and grounds from several vantage points. A weasel pops out of the grass and has a good look round. Next at Doncaster Horse Pageant, April 25th 1976, where there is a parade of horse drawn carriages and heavy horses. There is also a gymkhana, with horse jumping, pony and traps, beer drays, and a police horse display.

The film then moves to Ingleton, filmed on June 19th 1976. Here there is a glade with flowers, a brook and large waterfall in the summer sunshine. The river goes through a narrow pass.

Then on to a tulip parade in Keighley, with floats decorated with tulips, including one for All Saints Church. The parade is seen as it passes D Varey & Son Carpet Warehouse. Also on the parade are Cubs, fancy dress and heavy horses. There is a float with children from Green Lane Cub and Scout Pack, dressed as black and white minstrels. Then the First Cub Scouts, dressed in historic costume. On one float a man is standing filming the proceedings with his cine camera on a tripod. There are more fancy colourful floats, with lots of flowers, many with historical themes. Majorettes march past, and the Romsey Old Cadets Band dressed as wasps.

On now to York National Railway Museum on May 23rd 1976. There is a display of vintage cars, whilst inside the museum are the locomotives. Then on to Sheffield Lord Mayor's Parade, on June 5th 1976. First seen is a woman on camel, followed by floats for, among others, 'Sheffield Mettle', Bassets Liquorice Allsorts and the Para Olympic Games in Toronto in 1976. The parade is filmed as it passes Castle Market.

The on to Chesterfield Carnival, where there is a miniature railway, model airplanes, steam tractors, a carousel, a water-sports event, a three-wheel car competition (one has 'Pete and Sandra' on the windscreen), and lastly a women's race. In a field a light aircraft takes off (G BCTD). There is another parade in a show ground, with Morris dancing, bands, and a canoe race on a river. Then another waterfall is shown.

Next in London for the Queen's Silver Jubilee on June 7th 1977. A parade goes down the Mall towards Buckingham Palace, with Canadian mounted police, the Household Division of Guards and Highland Guards. The Queen goes by in horse drawn carriage. Then we see Horse Guards Parade, and traffic resuming down the Mall and on to see Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace.

The film switches to another parade in Intake, Sheffield. There is a brief film of a blackbird in a back garden (Jean's) in Yardley. On the parade are floats, again many with tulips, majorettes, scouts, and a marching band dressed as clowns.

Then on to Torquay, where boats are at sea and in the harbour. There is a bit more of the parade in London, again showing the Queen, although this may be in Sheffield.