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YFA 6085



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This film, taken at Tinsley Park Colliery in Sheffield, highlights the new shower facilities which were installed for the miners.  It’s noted how important the facilities are in contributing to the miners’ wellbeing and containing the dirt from the pit.  

Title – The Pit Head Baths
Title – This picture was taken at the Tinsley Park Colliery Co. Ltd., Sheffield. By courtesy of J.H.W. Laverick – Man. Director and Mr. J. Enson – agent and manager.
Title – The engineering plant and equipment was designed and installed by Messrs Gummers Ltd. Engineers and Valve Makers Effingham Brass Works Rotherham.
Title – The accommodation of this installation is 100 showers 1253 hooks.
Title – Cine photography by W.M. McIntosh Sheffield Ltd. Sheffield and Rotherham

The exterior of the colliery can be seen, the pit wheel in the foreground with rooftops and hills in the background.  Filmed at ground level, more of the exterior of the colliery can be seen.  Two men move coal waggons as they come up from the pit on a lift.  A man, carrying a small lantern, then comes to the surface on the same lift. 

Title – Arrival of men after 8 hours underground.  Tired, perspiring, hot and begrimed.  

Filmed in slow motion, men arrive from the pit.  They then make their way into the shower facilities.  In the changing area, the men disrobe and hang their work clothing on large hooks which hang from the ceiling before making their way to the showers.

Title – Privacy is respected.

There is a man using one of the showers, and the tile walls have been built so that only his head and shoulders are visible.  Back in the changing area, more of the men are getting changed, and some of the workers look to be teenagers.  After the shower, the men dry off and get dressed.  

Title – 5 minutes in the cubicle a day is better than an onion for keeping the doctor away

More footage of the changing room.

Title – The clothes are drawn up to the roof and are dry won the miners return to work.

One of the workers uses a pulley to raise the hooks to the rooftop for the clothing to dry out.  

Title – Refreshed – invigorated – a new man intent upon healthy pleasures a miner leaves his work.  
Title – The dirt is left where it belongs – at the pit head.
Title – The miner can now ride in an upholstered bus instead of the paddy mail.     

A man in the shower room turns a large valve.

Title – Shower heater is maintained at 105 (degrees) Fahr.

There is a closer shot of the water heater as the man continues to turn the valve.  The film closes with footage of a metal box.  A man opens the side doors to reveal the inside.  There are four hooks inside, and the camera focuses on the door hinges.