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NEFA 21639



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An amateur film by Betty Cook of the Cleveland Cine Club showing activities taking place in the pit lane at Silverstone Circuit in Northamptonshire before a Formula 1 Grand Prix race, possibly 1975. The film doesn't come with any commentary but is played over a cover version of the Isaac Hayes hit 'Shaft'.

The film begins with an Alfa Romeo Formula 1 car being unloaded from the back of a lorry. The procedure is being watched by a large crowd of spectators. A view of a Ferrari lorry is followed by that of a Fiat Formula 1 car being unloaded along with a large rolling cabinet of spanners and wrenches.

In the pits beside the track the Ferrari team roll their vehicles past the camera and support staff work to prepare it for racing.

The film cuts to show a large stock-pile of Good Year racing tyres. A man in dark glasses, possibly Jackie Stewart, walks past and points at something off camera. Mechanics work over a number of cars as a topless James Hunt walks past. General views show Formula 1 cars and their engines being worked over by engineers. A driver, possibly Alain Prost, walks past and signs his autograph for a fan.

Various views of drivers and support staff working on their vehicles. In the distance someone is being interviewed by a television film crew. Alan Prost signs another autograph smiling.

Inside an outside broadcast television lorry, views show cabling and technicians at work. On the track a man walks past wearing a backpack and aerial.

Candy Tyrell Team mechanics work on a blue coloured Formula 1 car with the name ‘Pironi Jarier’ written beside the drivers seat. Another driver signs autographs for fans.

Parked up in a garage is a yellow coloured Formula 1 car being worked on by mechanics. A man’s foot pushes the accelerator pedal up and down.

Martini-Lotus driver Mario Andretti puts on his fire safety balaclava and helmet before climbing into his vehicle and drives his car out of the pit lane. The car comes to stop back in the pit lane as support staff come over and replace the rear tyres. He drives off again. A sign against a wall reads ‘Team Managers and Signalling Personnel Only’.

Again, the Martini car comes into the pit lane and the front tyres are replaced as well as fuel being added. Dials are checked and the cockpit frame lifted up and replaced.

Another driver, possibly Jody Scheckter, puts on his fire safety balaclava and is then seen driving out of the pit lane.  The film cuts to show him in his car as mechanical staff replace the front tyres.

Out on the track a number of flags fly from poles. A man holds up a large yellow and black sign that reads ‘2 Minutes’. A Silverstone Doctor’s vehicle drives past followed by a view of a Northern Race Rally Rescue Vehicle.

Beside the racetrack support staff in safety gear wait beside fire extinguishers for a race to begin. Signs countdown from ‘1 minute’ to ’30 seconds’ intercut with last minute mechanical checking. The film ends when the race begins as cars speed over the start line.

Credit: Pit Bits

End Credit: Produced by Betty Cook

Title: Finish