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YFA 5725



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This is another whimsical film by Wakefield couple Doug and Norah Brear showing that, even with very limited resources, the average amateur filmmaker in the 1960s could still produce an inventive light hearted animation.  Using stop-motion animation, a pipe cleaner takes on a life of its own and dances when as it becomes transformed into the figure of a person.  

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Pipe Dream

The film begins showing a pipe, a pipe cleaner, a box of Swann matches and tin of St Bruno tobacco on a table.  A man is seated in a chair.  He picks up his pipe, cleans it, and lights it.  Then the pipe cleaner starts to do a dance on the table in an animated sequence.  It becomes the figure of a person and continues to dance as the man scratches his head.  The pipe figure multiplies, does some acrobatics and then all the pipe figures formed a joined up line before the figure becomes transformed to spell “end.”