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NEFA 17477



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Early silent Empire News Bulletin newsreel that depicts the annual pilgrimage to Lindisfarne Priory on the Holy Island, Northumberland, reached by a causeway at low tide.

Title: Pilgrimage to Holy Island, nearly two thousand people walk across the sands from Northumberland mainland to hear Mass at the historic ruins of Lindisfarne priory.

Some of the pilgrims ride across the flat sands from the mainland to Lindisfarne in horse-drawn carts, following an ancient route known as Pilgrims' Way. A high angle shot records the large number of people as they walk or run directly towards camera across the sands, most with rolled up trousers, bare feet and legs. In the foreground, some pilgrims wait and greet the newcomers. As the group arrives, some look up and smile at the camera, including a young boy in a school uniform.

The film returns to the Pilgrims’ Way causeway. A group of men and women that include a priest walk past camera across the wet sands. A low angle shot records the barefooted pilgrims that follow, many of them women. A woman and a priest wash their feet in pools of water, whilst a line of pilgrims cross the sands in the distant background.

Groups of people are gathered on a sand dune, brushing the sand from their feet and waving to friends off screen to join them.

General view of Lindisfarne Priory ruins, panning down to preparations for a religious ceremony in the grounds, with a makeshift, decorated pavilion structure as altar, and chairs arranged for a congregation. Church officials dressed in vestments kneel briefly and pray by the chairs. A procession lead by an archbishop and other religious figures in ceremonial dress moves towards the altar, followed by a number of choir boys, one holding the long train of a priest. Pilgrims are gathered in the ruins of the priory awaiting the beginning of the service.