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YFA 3486



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This is a series of films made by R.K. Snowden documenting some local events in Pickering between 1983 and 1989, with a commentary by Snowden (unfortunately often drowned out by traffic, and other noise). Each film is preceded by an intertitle.

Intertitle: 'Toc H Garden Party 8th June 1983'
A garden party, organised to raise money for the purchase of a special bus for the use of Pickering disabled residents, is being held at the house of Mr and Mrs Flintoff. Mr Flintoff is the chair of the local Toc H.. People are walking around looking at the stalls selling knick-knacks, dolls and other things, including a raffle. £500 is raised.

Intertitle: 'Lord Chitnis Visit 1st July 1983'
Lord Chitnis of the Liberal Party, and Chief Executive of Rowntree House, gives a talk at the Liberal Club in Pickering. Members are entering the club.

Intertitle: 'New Building on the Ropery August 1983'
This segment opens with the construction site for a new library and medical centre on what was called 'The Ropery.' (The name was given to the new link road over the old railway goods yard site). A look at 'The Granary' caf?. Also featured is the construction site for a new supermarket including old houses at Chantry's Yard which are due to be demolished.

Intertitle: 'Last Show as Cinema Closes 26th July 1983'
The local cinema, 'The Castle', first opened in 1937, is closing for the last time. The owner of many years is standing outside. People are entering to see the last picture show there. [The cinema subsequently became managed by an enthusiast and re-opened.]

Intertitle: 'Open Market on Malton Road 31st August 1983'
People are looking at stalls at an open market. Most stalls are selling mainly clothes, but there are also some 'car boot' stalls. At an ice cream van, two women are buying ice creams. (The open markets did not last long as they were considered a breach of market laws).

Intertitle: 'Mini Bus Ready for Action September 1983'
The new Toc H minibus is presented at No 5 Whitby Road - an old people's residential home. A number of people are present, and the back doors of the bus, with lift, are shown.

Intertitle: 'Pickering's TV Star dies December 1983'
A short clip of a previous interview (found on film 3485) with Dorothy Sleightholme. The segment was to commemorate her recent death.

Intertitle: 'Museum Opens New Galleries May 1984'
There is a speech to mark the re-opening of Beck Isle Museum after having been renovated to include additions of an outbuilding and to the exhibitions. A large crowd is looking around the exhibition consisting of mainly old agricultural machinery.

Intertitle: 'Elizabeth Dawn Opens Cooper's Centre 26th May 1984'
Outside the Forest and Vale Hotel Elizabeth Dawn (Very Duckworth of ITV's Coronation Street) arrives to open a new Do-It-Yourself-Centre, Coopers, an established shop in Pickering. There to meet her are the Mayor, the Chairman of the Council, other dignitaries, and a large crowd. Elizabeth Dawn is laughing as she gets into a white Rolls Royce. She signs autographs and poses for the camera.

Intertitle: 'New Supermarket Opens September 1984'
A new supermarket in Pickering has just been opened. People are crossing a new (controversial) bridge that leads to the entrance. New shops are shown on Chantry's Yard.

Intertitle: 'B.M.X. Bike Races 28th October 1984'
Young people are riding their BMX bikes on a new race track. First there is a practice run and then a proper race. Watching are parents, organisers and other youths sitting on a wall.

Intertitle: 'Carnival Parade 13th July 1985'
At the carnival a marching band is followed by various floats including Radio York, a Miss Carnival float, a parade of people in fancy dres,s and finally the Whitby Jets.

Intertitle: 'Veteran Motorcycle Run'
Vintage motorcycles gather for the start of the annual Pike's Run including some very old Nortons, a 1912 P&N and a 1914 BSA. They set off on their run.

Intertitle: 'In Touch Club Rail Trip 5th September 1985'
Members of the In Touch Club (for the visually impaired) go on a rail trip on the North York Moors Railway. The steam engine taking them taking them on their journey, the 'Eric Tracy' (45428), is seen. People get onto the train, and it pulls off passing two sets of sidings with old rolling stock. Inside the carriages people are busy chatting. They get off at Goathland for tea and a picnic on the platform.

Intertitle: 'Tag Create Nature Walk at Welburn Hall 20th October 1985'
Students from Toc H (Tag), and a nearby school, are laying a new pathway to a nature trail at Welburn Hall (a special school for disabled children). They are laughing and joking as they shovel gravel onto the path.