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YFA 3483



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A film made by Keith Snowden featuring several local events in Pickering during 1977 and 1978. Each film is preceded by an intertitle.

Intertitle: 'Pickering Celebrates Queen's Silver Jubilee'
It is June, 1977, and Pickering town centre is shown ready for the Jubilee celebrations. The Union Jack is shown raised high above several local prominent buildings including the Liberal Party Headquarters and the Memorial Hall, where there is a queue for souvenirs. A small girl holds a Jubilee mug in one hand whilst clutching a Jubilee rock in the other. At the bowling green a special Silver Jubilee competition is being held, and both men and women are playing. At the John Paul Gallery there is a special exhibition of photos and paintings: a special display on Ryedale at the Museum, an exhibition on the Queen's Reign at the Memorial Hall and a special service in the parish church.

The North Yorkshire Moors railway puts on a Jubilee train over the weekend. On the platform at Pickering Station, the new Mayor welcomes visitors. A steam train bearing a Silver Jubilee Plaque and Union Jacks attached to the front arrives at the station watched by a large crowd on the platform. The Mayor and his wife then leave on an old Model T Ford.

Parts of an historical play on Queen Elizabeth I are performed on the grounds of the Castle. It was eventually switched to the Memorial Hall because of rain. Stalls are up in Pickering town centre where the traditional market day has been brought forward. People go into the local cinema to see a special film show, and at the recreation ground large numbers of spectators watch a children's fancy dress competition. Various costumes are on display, and the Mayor's wife presents the prizes to the winners, while the Excelsior Brass Band is playing. After this there are men's and women's sprint races, with runners wearing normal clothing. Two men give a judo and karate demonstration in the field followed by a three legged race and a tug-of-war. At the end there is a last look at the church clock.

Credit : 'Commentary Ian Lewis'

Intertitle: 'Winter Snowfall February 1978'
The hills just outside of Pickering are covered with snow after a heavy snow fall. Two children and an adult are out tobogganing. The banks of the river and trees are shown covered in snow, as too are the fields, where a horse and some sheep try to graze. In the distance can be seen the Church Tower in Pickering. Beck Isle Museum is covered in snow, and a few shoppers venture out to the shops.

Intertitle: 'Junior School Sports June 1978'
On the 14th June, in the grounds of Pickford County Junior School, the Sports Day begins with a girls' gymnastics display. Parents watch seated from the side as the boys' sprint race gets underway, followed by a girls' skipping race and sack races of boys and girls. The non-active competitors are sitting on the grass verge overlooking the events. It finishes with boys and girls together in country dancing.

Intertitle: 'Beck Isle Summer Fair July 1978'
On the 22nd July a line of people look over a bridge onto the grounds of the Museum where a fair is being held. Visitors mingle around the stalls, while Stapes Silver Band provides the music. There are games and stalls selling produce. A woman is using an old knitting machine. Youngsters throw stones at crockery in a crockery smashing game whilst a group of youth look on. £340 is raised for the Museum.