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This is a series of films made by R.K. Snowden documenting some local events in Pickering in 1975 and 1976, with commentary. Each film is preceded by an intertitle.

Titles: 'Pikes Cine-Sound Pictorial' 'Produced by JK Snowden'

Intertitle: 'The Royal Visit 1st July 1975'
On a hot summer's day the Queen's Scouts wait by the gate at Pickering Castle to escort the Queen. The surrounding houses have barriers placed in front of them. Children sit on the grass border waiting. Michael Foster, Chair of Ryedale District Council, escorts the Queen into the Castle, followed by Prince Philip, who is being escorted by the Mayor, Fred Clark. A large marquee holds the lunch being given by the Queen. The menu is shown up close. The Queen and Prince Philip then leave the Castle, applauded by the crowd. They are followed by the local dignitaries. The Queen and Prince Philip then get into a Range Rover and, followed by an escort of other cars, make their way to Newbridge, where the couple each planted a tree.

Intertitle: 'Traction Engine Rally Revived 2 August 1975'
At the local traction engine rally steam rollers are on display in a field with people walking around them. There are various rides at the funfair, and a tour is made of some of the old steam engines and a fairground organ. There is a tug of war between a long line of attendees and a tractor (which wins).

Intertitle: 'New Link Road 1976'
The warehouse in the old railway goods yard is being demolished, and workmen are laying the foundations for a new road to link with Hungate and bypass the town centre. Work on the road is also being done at the bottom of the Market Place. Traffic is than shown going along the completed road along with the temporary car park.

Intertitle: 'Hang-Gliding Championships 31st May 1976'
An international hang-gliding championship is taking place at the Hole of Horcum, a few miles above Pickering. On the grassy top there are tents, and hang-gliders lay on the ground. Several gliders make their way down - some lying flat, others in a seated position, ? and a boy watch through binoculars. They are seen taking off, gliding and landing. A policeman on horseback keeps an eye on things. There follows a 'distant gliding' competition watched by a large crowd.

Intertitle: 'New Mayor Opens Carnival Fete 6th June, 1976'
A garden fete is being held in the gardens of the Forest and Vale Hotel. The President of the Musical Society, Bill Shinny, introduces the new Mayor, Keith Snowden. 'Spiral', a group made up of three women, sing songs playing guitars. People sit around the sides on tables. A line of women contesting for Carnival Queen walk past the judges followed by girls competing for Carnival Princess. The winners of the Carnival Queen parade around the garden.

Intertitle: 'Milk Race Passes Through 9th June 1976'
Cyclists in the Milk Race whizz through Pickering and turn up the Whitby Road followed by an escort of cars.

Intertitle: 'American Bi-centenary Visitors July 1976'
Visitors from the US Embassy, and someone from the American Naval Attache with his family are attending a ceremony in the grounds of the Beck Isle Museum. On a sunny day, they and local dignitaries walk and talk in gardens.

Intertitle: 'Town Bus Experiment'
A new town bus service for Pickering. A red single decked bus (a No. 26) is shown at various locations around the town, with passengers getting on and off.

End credit: 'Commentator Ian Lewis