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NEFA 17676



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Filmed in the 1920s by an amateur filmmaker, this home movie footage features a wealthy family either visiting a mansion house (Horton Grange?), or at home, and on a trip to Lindisfarne on the Northumberland coast. There are also scenes from a caravan holiday.

Title: Pictures At Horton, December 1929

The first scenes capture members of a wealthy family as they arrive and leave home. Some shots centre on the car with registration VK1214, and various family members gather near the garage. Maids are seen in attendance at times.

A multi-generational family group pose briefly for the camera before walking off-screen.

A family group assemble in the grounds of a large house. The camera pans around the gardens.

There is an extreme close-up of a woman’s face. She speaks to camera and glances to the right. The camera moves back for a portrait shot of the same woman in her cloche hat.

There is a general view of a rural bridge. (Horton?) Two older women with walking sticks, accompanied by dog, walk over the hump back bridge.

A portrait shot of a young woman in a floppy cloche hat follows, hair blown by wind. She smiles and talks to camera.

A young girl composes different expressions for the camera in these portrait shots: serious, laughing, looking shy.

There are general views of the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, Northumberland, and of the mainland beach. The young girl plays on the beach, then stands and waves at the camera. Several female family members are sitting beside a beach hut and smiling.

General views depict the gardens of a stone house and there are various shots of a family group strolling in the garden. There is a close-up of two of the women in the group.

A woman poses for an interior portrait shot. The woman walks out of a conservatory into the garden. There are general views of the exterior of the house intercut with shots of women. One of the women sits at an outside table with sunshade accompanied by a man in a trilby hat. A maid brings out their drinks.

Next, a raincoat is hanging outside a large caravan. A young man in overalls and hat drinks a mug of tea and eats lunch in a field. The camera pans across to the car attached to the caravan where a young man, dressed in plus fours and beret, plays with three dogs, one of which a young woman holds on a lead. The car is an expensive looking model with number plate GO 5455. Various shots of a family group playing with the dogs follow. The young man in beret poses with an older man, also in beret, next to the caravan and car. The man in overalls stands in the background with his mug. The young man in beret helps a woman down from the caravan. Painted lettering on the caravan reads: “London Caravan Co Ltd.”

The woman, previously seen in garden shots, smiles at the camera. The car and caravan pull out of the field. A group of local people have gathered to watch them leave. Next, the young man in beret smiles, waves and jumps into the passenger seat of the moving car as it drives away. A young woman in crochet hat and glasses waves goodbye. Various shots of the vehicles leaving and the party of gathered people waving follow. In the background there is a small stone cottage. There is another shot of the caravan leaving. A woman is standing at the garden gate to the cottage.

Two women in a field drink from mugs. A man empties his mug. The caravanning family sit on the roadside grass verge and eat lunch. One of the men opens his flask.

In the final scenes, we return to the family home, a large house and gardens. A gardener rolls a lawn, and tends a fire, assisted by a woman.

A woman strolls with her dogs along a rocky ledge by the sea in the final shot.