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NEFA 22107



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A home movie made by Raymond James Paiton of a family picnic in the Northumberland countryside followed by show jumping, sheep herding and a hound trail taking place as part of the Rothbury Show. The film also features the family playing with a West Highland Terrier and a man working on a beehive.

The film opens on three young women and a fourth older one sitting on the ground on the edge of a field. They smile and laugh at the camera. The film cuts to one of the young women picking flowers in a meadow.  

Back with the group, the woman seen picking flowers now cheekily reveals her leg underneath her dress. She walks towards the camera dancing and performing in front of it.

A view of a kettle sitting on a small stove cuts to a man pouring the boiling water into a tea pot. The older woman pours tea into cups from the tea pot as others around her eat. General views show the group enjoying their picnic eating and sipping tea from cup and saucer. Nearby a West Highland Terrier eats from a plate.

Two of the young women try to climb a tree with one pushing the other from behind. The sequence ends with her jumping down the other side.

The film cuts to show a horse and rider making two failed attempts to jump a fence at a show jumping event. Crowds stand behind a barrier watching as the horse jumps other obstacles around the course. Eventually the horse manages to jump the fence.

In another field a sheep dog herds a number of sheep. A crowd follows a number of dogs and their owners as they make their way to the starting point of a hound trial. The leads are removed the dogs race off across the landscape, the film cuts to the dogs returning and being collected by their owners.

Next, a number of horses and riders trot around the showground seen earlier, watched by crowds standing behind a barrier. Suddenly, the riders jump off their mounts and run to the centre of the showground.

The film changes to show two men and a boy walking through a meadow. In a clearing beside a hill the Highland Terrier seen previously runs around with its owners beside an estate car. A boy kneels down and strokes the dog followed by two of the younger women seen previously posing for the camera, wind blowing through their hair.

The film cuts to a man lifting the top off a beehive followed by honey bees flying in and out of the hive.

The Highland Terrier watches the man seen previously working with the beehive as he crawls through the long grass holding a bee smoker. He stands and looks at the camera. A woman lying on the grass looks at the camera as the Highland Terrier sits by her feet looking across at the man nearby. The film ends with the man crawling through the long grass again watched intently by the dog.