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YFA 77



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A light-hearted film made by Noel Beardsell documenting a day in the life of a photographer that is endlessly distracted by his friends and family whilst on holiday at the seaside.

Title | " A Photographer's Day" portrayed by Noel T. Beardsell

Title | Waking early, I view the world from my hotel window.

There is a shot across the countryside and towards the sea.

Title | Not a soul about - a perfect photographic morning.

A shot of a lighthouse on the edge of a cliff is followed by waves hitting the rocks.

Title | The waves roll in lazily, as if inviting the photographer's attention.

More shots of waves follow.

Title | Even the sea gulls cannot disturb the peace

Some gulls are seen flying.

Title | Bother!!!....
Here comes Interruption No.1

A young boy in shorts is seen on the beach and follows his father in jumping off a rock.

Title | Now, of course, the whole place is waking up.

The boy walks along the rocks and picks a shell up which he then tries to fit into a bottle.

Title | "WHY don't you take your camera over there?"

The boy points into the distance and there are more shots of waves.

Title | Will I come fishing?
--- Well, just for half-an-hour.

With the Bay Hotel in the background, some men go out to sea in a small motor boat. They catch some fish and fix more bait to their hooks.

Title | Back with the spoils

A man in shorts comes ashore carrying a bundle of fish.

Title | This glorious sun makes me ambitious to film these scenes in COLOUR.

There are more views of the beach and sea.

Title | There's always something good round the corner.

A man comes round the corner of the rocks, followed by a close-up of a crab on the end of a wooden stick and a boy playing a rock pool.

Title | That's better, but - WHAT A DAY FOR A DIP!!!

An older boy and a girl in swimming costumes walk along the beach.

Title | Excuse me one moment.

Mr Beardsell plunges into the sea in his swimming trunks. The children also go swimming.


As the man and the two children dry themselves off, the younger boy points into the distance once again.

Title | This sun is splendid for "exposures".

One of the children is seen sunbathing in sunglasses and shorts. There are clothes hanging out to dry on the balcony of the hotel room.

Title | And now for a life afloat

The children paddle a canoe and there are shots from on board the boat.

Title | From paddle to saddle

There are shots of horses being ridden along the beach at a canter.

Title | Thank you, Sun and Sea - you've given this photographer a Perfect Day.

The film closes with final views over the landscape.

Title | The End.