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YFA 76



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This humourous film documents how the "photographer" spends his day off enjoying a day in the swimming pool with his family, purportedly shot by the camera itself.

Title - A Photographer's Day Off
My View of Noel T. Beardsell
By his Cine Kodak

Title - Why are films always credited to the Photographer?
~ It's the Camera that does the job!

Title - Here's MY "Boss" enjoying a Day Off!
Did HE take this picture - or did I?

There is a shot of Noel in a robe, stripping down to his swimming trunks.

Title | Water a bit cold, eh?
That's nothing to the shock he'll get when he sees the film!

He dips his toes in the water and jumps around on tiptoes.

Title | And don't say Mrs B works the camera
She's in the picture, too

Mrs Beardsell is by the side of the pool.

Title - I sympathize with Mrs B. We both know how much the "Boss" depends on US.

Noel splashes himself in the pool as his wife sits by the side.

Title - The 'Boss' thinks this is clever - I could do it standing on my head!

There is then a short sequence of Noel diving into the water played in reverse to give the impression that he is jumping out of the pool.

Title - Going off the deep end as usual

Another shot of Noel splashing about.

Title - After which - of course - he wanted a rest

Noel gets out of the pool and dries himself off, laying the towel on the ground afterwards.

Title - ...and refreshment

Noel's wife pours him a cup of tea outside on the grass.

Title - He thinks HE has an eye for colour - - -
but MINE's the EYE that matters!
It's focused right on Master Peter now.

The film switches to colour and there is a shot of Peter playing with a stick in the pool.

Title - But not losing sight of David

David also has a long rod of bamboo.

Title - This proves it's All My Eye!

Peter pushes a toy boat along the pool.

Title - Someone said "Li-Lo" - So I slipped round to
This side for safety

Peter is lying on a li-lo with David behind.

Title - I'll have to "Lie Low" anyhow - the Boss's wife's about again.

Mrs Beardsell comes out into the garden.

Title - That's what I call a Splash of Colour

The boys are in the pool and the dog is shown chewing something.

Title - Even the Boss couldn't help making a good picture of this.

David is now on the li-lo being pulled along by Peter.

Title - Hullo! Someone else keeping an eye on them.

A woman is sat by the side of the pool. Noel dives in and gets on the li-lo, with David sat on top of him and Peter in a rubber ring.

Title - And if you still think it's Mr NTB pressing the button - here he is on the screen again.

Noel does a jig with a bamboo cane.

Title - Great Scott! I believe he spotted me that time.

Noel looks straight at the camera and comes towards it, and the film comes to an end.

Title - Good-bye - I'll have to make a quick Fade-out.