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YFA 762



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This film is part of the Sharp collection and contains footage from the wedding of Peter Sharp and Pauline Moister at the Parish Church of St Peter, Shipley on 4th April, 1951. There are shots from the arrival of the guests and the wedding party at the church right up until the married couple leave the hotel in the leaving clothes.

Title-The Wedding.

Title-Of Pauline Mary Moister.

Title-To Peter Graham Sharp.

Title-On 4th April 1951.

Film opens with a shot of the front of a car with a ribbon tied around the bonnet statue on the car. Three little children peer over a garden gate, and two men in suits, including the groom, come out and the children move away.

Title-The Bride.

She stands in front of the house with her hand to her head holding her veil on as the weather is very windy. The bride's mother and another woman watch from the door as she smiles for the camera. There is a brief shot of a church sign for St. Peter's Church in Shipley.

The groom comes up the path with another groomsman and then they pose with the other groomsmen on the church steps. There is a close-up of the groom smiling for the camera. Some women get out of a car and walk up the path as other guests arrive and pose for the camera.

Title-Wedding Belles.

Two bridesmaids in bright, yellow dresses walk up the path and poses for the camera. Another few people walk towards the church. The bride arrives and gets out of the car with her father. They pose in front of the church but it is very windy and the bride has to keep pulling her veil away from her face and holding down her dress.

In the next shots young girls and women smile for the camera.

Title-Eaves Droppers.

They stand outside the closed church doors and listen.

There is a sign outside the church which reads `St. Peter's Church Notice. Rice or confetti not to be thrown within the Church or Churchyard'.

The choirboys line the church steps after the ceremony.

Title-The Bride.

Title-The Bridegroom.

Title-And the weather.

Title-Had the wind up.

The married couple come out of the church, and the bride is still having trouble holding her veil and dress down. The wedding party poses for photos and then for their individual pictures. There are shots of the guests standing around in the church grounds and then the wedding party file out of the grounds and throw confetti as the couple get into the car. A car in front of them has a loud speaker in the back and a man is talking into a microphone. The wedding car pulls up at the hotel and the couple pose in the car.

Title-Hang on the bell Nellie.

The guests arrive in their cars and make their way into the hotel. Some of the drivers help some of the older women out of the cars. There are shots taken from the reception room before anyone arrives. The wedding guests pose for group and then couple photos and then the married couple walk over to another part of the grass for a photo. Peter picks a seedling flower from the grass and gets on his knee to give it to Pauline. There are shots of a patch of blooming flowers. There are shots from the reception room of the guests eating and talking.

Title-Good Health Hic!!

A man holds his glass up to the camera and cheers. There are more shots from around the room.

Title-Father `bobs' about each way.

Shots of the parents of one of the couple; they toast the camera and then shots of the cutting of the cake. Some men stand outside talking and smoking, and the cameraman moves about to take in the hotel building. Then the priest leaves the hotel and talks to a man on his way out.

Title-My love she brings a red, red nose.

A man holds a bottle of whiskey up to the camera and talks to another man. Lots of guests are leaving the hotel and a man has the bonnet of a car open and is working on the car. Some more guests file out of the hotel.

Title-Fly away Peter, fly away Pauline.

The couple come out of the hotel and get into the car in their leaving clothes. The guests throw confetti and the car drives away. There are shots of the groomsmen and the priest walking down a path towards the camera; they are joking and laughing. They shake hands and talk and then one of the men stands on a stone ball on the steps and almost falls down. There is a shot of an old, stone building.

Title-To be continued.

Title-With many years happiness.

Title-Future productions will be notified.

Title-The End.