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YFA 3330



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This film features many of the residents of Hovingham village in North Yorkshire.  The filmmaker has used intertitles throughout to introduce the people he has filmed.  Also included are scenes from around the village throughout the seasons.    

Title – Purely Personal
Title – Children Coming out of School with Mr. Moore 

The local school teacher, Mr. Moore, is outside the school building with some children.  Another man poses for the camera and walks up the lane.  Local builders are cementing gaps in an old stone wall.   

Title – William Stainsby – 70 years in the service of the family 

William Stainsby then poses for the camera.   

Title – Mr. Bean looks out of the Blacksmith’s shop 

Mr. Bean stands in the doorway before the cameraman focuses on some chickens.  Additionally, there is a group of men working on the construction of a Dutch barn.  The wooden frame has been erected, and long ladders allow men to go up and down to fix beams that are being hoisted up.  One man initially fixes one of the roof beams with some rope to hold it in place.  

Title – John Judso[sic] Drains 1930 

A man can be seen digging a drain while another man stands on ground level. 

Title – Mrs. Dawson 

Mrs. Dawson stands in the doorway posing for the camera. 

Title – Mary Fox. 

Mary fixes her shawl and hat before posing for the camera as well.  There is a horse-drawn cart which makes its way up the road.   

Title – The Blackwell family come out to see what its all about.
Title – Three generations of the Bickers family. 

Family members from different generations are seated on the park bench.   

Title – Any more for Malton? 

A bus headed for Malton pulls over to the side of the road.  The driver gets out and poses for the camera. 

Title – What’s going to win the Big Race?  Mr. T. Lister 

Mr. Lister plays with his pipe and poses in a wooded area. 

Title – Mr. Magson. 

Mr. Magson walks down the street with a horse and cart in tow. 

Title – Peter Pan! 

A small boy smiles and poses for the camera. 

Title – Would you know him WITHOUT his cigarette?  Mr. Jas:  Aidous. 

The man lights his cigarette. 

Title – Mr. Alf. Skelton. 

Mr. Skelton, dressed in a coat and hat and standing with the aid of a cane, poses for the camera.   

Title – The MAJOR 

Title – 1932 Mr. Tom Marshall at work WW 

In front of a barn door, Mr. Marshall is working to carve a large piece of wood. 

Title – Mrs. Harwood

Mrs Harwood is knitting in front of the door. 

Title – Mr. T Hicks 

Mr. Hicks is standing in front of a shop trying to open up a small package. 

Title – 1932 THE POSTMAN 

The postman walks across the road to deliver a letter to another man from the village.   

Title – 1932 Walter Skelton of the Spa Garage 

This title opens a sequence where there is a very small garage with an old Shell Oil pump.  Mr Skelton fills up the tank of a motorcycle and smiles at the camera.  

Title – 1932 Lowther on Duty 

The local policeman PC Lowther is on duty.  He stops a motorcyclist and asks to see is licence.   A woman is sitting on the grass with her children rolling a ball of yarn, while in the back garden, a man uses a shovel to dig.  Other members of the village can also be seen doing various types of yard work.   

The next portion of the film features many men from the village with intertitles identifying each one.  They include:

Title – Round the town in 1935
Title – Some Harrisons
Title – Mr. Shields
Title – Tom Hutchinson at his Post.
Title – Dick Suffield.
Title – Mr. W. Heath
Mr.  D. Oldfield

Title – HP The gentle art of felling trees Brown & his assistants drop a Scots Fir February 1936 

Two men hack at the base of a tree with axes. After they have made deep enough cuts, they start to use a long saw to finish cutting down the tree.  It takes three men to work the saw, and there are close-up shots at the base of the tree.  The tree finally collapses, and the men chop off the smaller branches from the trunk of the tree.

 Stone-layers can be seen constructing a stone fence, and different members of the team pose for the camera.  Two of the men take a break and sit to have some lunch while another reads the paper. 

A man stands on the edge of the street looking through surveying equipment.  He instructs a man with a large measuring stick to different places along the road so that he may record different measurements.  This is followed by more members of the village as well as others at work.   

Later there is a very short colour sequence shows a bride and groom coming out of a church.  They exit underneath raised cricket bats which are held by members of the Hovingham Cricket team who are standing on either side of the doorway. 

Title – Hovingham children playing in the street 

In tinted green, some local children play ball in the street. They gather and pose for the camera.  They also jump rope together as a group.    

Now winter, the same street is covered with snow.  Two men try to clear part of the path while the village children are out playing in the snow.   

Title – Pagan 

There is a shot of a dog that runs though a field and wooded area.  

Title – Bingley Day
Title – Estate Carpenters at work 

Three of the carpenters paint the bathroom door and pose for the camera. 

Title – Estate Woodmen 

The estate woodmen also pose for the camera.  

Title – A tree blows down Hovingham Pictures 1931 

Some workers cut down a partially fallen tree that has smashed through a wall.  

Title – Rev. George Foster of Hovingham with his father 

The Reverend and his father pose for the camera.   

Title – Maclean, the head gardener and his assistants 

The film closes with a final shot of the head gardener.   

Additional Information:  More individuals are identified in the W. A. Worsley catalogue.