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This film is made by pupils at Newman School, which is a special school for students with physical disabilities and medical conditions, based in Rotherham. This film documents an E-learning project called 'Personal Demons', which aimed to combine learning with multi-media technology. This film documents Newman schools involvement in the project and the various activities the project initiated.

The film opens with four male students standing in front of the camera. In unison, the boys say, "Welcome to Personal Demons", and the title 'Personal Demons' is projected onto their white T-shirts. A research associate, named Harriet Truscott, gives a piece to camera about her involvement in the project, which, in partnership with Cambridge University, explores the possibilities of using technological multimedia in the classroom. She concludes her piece to camera by saying that the Personal Demon's project has been a great success, largely thanks to the staff and students from Rotherham who put so much effort into helping build the site.

Title - Personal Demons.

Title - An interactive multi-media educational experience.

Note: From this point on the film is set to a pop music soundtrack.

A student navigates through the site using a touch screen projector.

Title - With Children's Novelist Steve Alton.

A shot shows the novelist at his computer scrunching up a piece of paper before turning and addressing the camera.

Title - and in association with Cambridge University.

Stills show the Queen standing on a stage beside a projection of the Website and mingling with guests and students at an event.

Title - and Newman school.

Title - E-learning prize winners.

Shots show the Eiffel tower at night.

Title -in Paris.

Title -Learning awards 2005.

Shots show representatives from the Personal Demons project receiving a check and posing for photos.

Title - First Light movie awards 2007.

Title - Downing Street.

Students stand outside number 10, before stills show the students meeting Gordon Brown.

Title - Starring John Reilly of 'Boy on a Dolphin'.

In a classroom, students sit round a desk with musician John Reilly taking notes on his laptop. The next shot shows a John Reilly on stage in front of a large audience.

Title - Allowing students to discuss and construct...

Shots capture a boy playing a keyboard and John Reilly talking with students.

Title - To collaborate and experiment.

More shots of students using musical instruments and computers with tutoring from John Reilly.

Title - Check out our website.

Several shots then show some Personal Demons T-shirts.

Title - Encouraging reading and writing.

A student sits at his desk in a classroom writing, before there are close ups of a comic book story board made by pupils.

Title - In a variety of media.

Stills then show various types of work the students have produced, such as T-shirts and mugs.

Title - and celebrating achievement.

Students walk past the camera modelling the 'Personal Demons' T-shirt. Brief extracts display some of the students' animation work, which includes a demon picking its nose and a snake slithering through the eye sockets of a skull.

Title - Learning from Professionals.

In the school grounds, students line up behind a row of professional looking film cameras.

Title - Promoting thinking skills.

A girl looks at a computer screen intently.

Title - and having a laugh.

A boy springs from a doorway wearing a miner's light on his head.

Title - Planning and preparing. Debating and deciding.

Brief exerts from soundless interviews with students.

Title - Meeting New people.

Two female students sit at a desk wearing T-shirts with different things written on them.

Title - Simply inspiring!

A handicapped student talks in to a microphone in a radio booth.

Title - Using consultants.

A woman talks to students at computers.

Title - and amazing Yourself!!!

A students stands in front of a microphone looking slightly worried, before three female students dance with pom-poms.

Title - Doing dramatics.

Title - Spreading good practice.

Title - Exploring the World Wide Web.

Shots of students at computers and working on a clay model.

Title - and leaving a good impression.

Title - Making pop videos.

Brief snippets from pop videos: Girl smiling in a wedding dress and students barging through a doorway. There are then various shots of students in a computer lab helping design the Personal Demons website. Students are then shown performing dance routines and taking a trip to a stately home.

The sequence contains exerts from the Newman students being taken through their paces at the Steelworks studio in Sheffield, and shots show John Reilly helping to record a track, with students singing in the booths and playing guitars.

Students then take mugs out from an oven and peel off an adhesive layer to reveal the Personal Demons design now printed on them.

On a computer a title reads, 'This evening school night. With Newman school 7:00 - 8:00 PM. Shots then capture the event where students show off their work on a bank of computers, and talk to visitors around various set out stalls. The final scenes show students working on video projects at editing suites, before the film closes with dance workshops.

Credits - Many thanks to students at Winterhill, Dimington, Oakwood, Wickersley, Clifton, Wingfield, Greensborough Park, Rotherham College of arts and technology and Newman school.

Title - A project for the twenty first century, uniting work in English, Drama, Media Studies, ICT, Performing Arts, Music & Dance.

Title - Special thanks to: Steve Alton, Harriet Truscott, John Reilly, Steve Beighton, Trisha Sharp, Barrie Morgan and Maggie Simpson.

Title - Newman Films 2006.

Title - Rotherham Schools E-learning Partnership.