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NEFA 19846



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Amateur home movie filmed by Dr. H Brenton Porteous, which features his son Ian playing golf and at play in the garden in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, filmed around 1932; a winter ride through Newcastle upon Tyne in the snow around 1933; and a visit to the home of Kate Stephenson, daughter of the Mayor of Newcastle, Sir William Stephenson.

The filmmaker's son, Ian, plays a game of pitch and put (or golf) in a garden, surrounded by stone buildings.

As a young boy around 1932, Ian Porteous rides a toy motor car down a back lane behind the family home at Osborne Road, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, his mother pictured every so often watching him. In the next scene, Ian is playing football with the maid in the garden extension at the family home.

General views follow of stormy seas at Tynemouth looking south from King Edward's Bay, shot around 1933, the lighthouse and pier in the background, the priory and castle on the headland.

Ian helps a maid in the greenhouse at the family home. He then fools around in the garden. High angle shots follow, taken from the house, of Ian playing with a cricket bat and ball in the garden.

The next scenes feature a winter drive in around 1933, with traveling point of view shots from a Vauxhall car as it travels from Jesmond along the Great North Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, where trams pass by on the snowy road. The car drives through the Town Moor, passing Brandling Park. A tradesman on the road leads his horse and cart through the snow at one point.

Ian Porteous shovels snow and rolls a giant snowball to make a snowman in the back garden at Osborne Road, Jesmond. Ian stands with the snowman, then continues to half-heartedly shovel snow.

On a sunny day, the Porteous family are on a visit to the house of Miss Kate Stephenson, daughter of the Mayor of Newcastle. Miss Winspear is also a guest. Family and friends sit in the garden, Ian's mother holding a baby girl in a sun bonnet as they stroll in the garden.