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This is a copy of a television broadcast of the York Pageant on 28th June, 1971.  The performance took place in the Museum Gardens in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.  The pageant was performed to mark the 1900th anniversary of the founding of York (the Roman city of Eboracum).  This is an edited production with parts of seven episodes out of the original ten.

The film begins with Alderman Richard Scruton accompanying the Queen, who, with Prince Philip and other dignitaries, had just had lunch at the Assembly Rooms.  They walk into the Museum Gardens and take their seats in the royal box for the performance.  Everyone stands to attention for the national anthem.

The commentator explains that this will be an abridge performance showing parts of 7 episodes of the full 10 episode pageant.  He also provides running commentary throughout the performance. 
Title – A.D. 69

The parts of Parts Cartimandua and Venutius are being played by Pamela Penny and Joseph Copley.  They enact the conflict over whether to buy off or fight the Romans.  

Title – A.D. 71

The Romans arrive and decide that York is a good place to make as a base.  

Title – A.D. 1069

King William arrives with his Jester (played by Jack Shepard), and announces the harrowing of the north.  

Title – A.D. 1389

King Richard II (Michael Harrison) arrives in York when York is given the status of a county.  William de Selby, the first Lord Mayor of York is knighted.  

Title – A.D. 1539

Robert Ash is leading a rebellion against the closure of the monasteries.  Nuns from Clementhorpe Nunnery plead their case, as does the Abbot of St Mary’s.  Henry VIII visits in 1541, without any welcome from the citizens of York who initially boycott the visit, only to then beg forgiveness.  Henry VIII reinstates the Council of the North, having received various gifts of gold coins.  

Title – A.D. 1840-1849

Railwayman George Hudson makes a speech, and then Queen Victoria visits and leaves on a train.  

Title – A.D. 1911

Joseph Rowntree receives the freedom of the city.  

Title – April 29th, 1942

The city of York has just been bombed in the Second World War.  Edna Annie Crichton, York’s first woman Lord Mayor (Mavis Davis), makes speech to the citizens of York.  She sums up the history of the city as all the characters in the pageant return to the stage.

End credits: 
The York Pageant 1971
Written by George Reed
Music composed by Francis Jackson
Designer Patrick Olsen
Costumes Kay Little and Mary Robinson
Directed by Edward Taylor

At the end the audience rises, and the Queen makes her way to the Royal Marquee and the Garden party.  The commentator gives a summary of the other events taking place to mark the anniversary.

Research Mary Robin
Commentator Brian Connell
Television Presentation Geoff Hall
Yorkshire Television Outside Broadcast in colour