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YFA 59



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This is a film from the Noel Beardsell Collection about his son, Peter, following him as he visits various places and events with his family.  These include trips Blackpool, Cawthorne Park, an airfield, motor sports, and seaside in Yorkshire.

Title – Recorded by himself with the photographic assistance of Noel T Beardsell.
Intertitle – It's hard work being the Big Boy of the family

A boy, Peter, sits by the bank of a river near a bridge drinking from a cup.

Intertitle – First, there's getting the troops out for an airing . . .

Peter is with other members of his family outside a large house.

Intertitle – while my chauffeur puts the car in order . . . .

The chauffeur gives the car a good clean and service while two women walk off pushing a baby in a pram, accompanied by Peter.

Intertitle – so that I can take a short run . . .

The family car drives over a bridge and stops for the boy to get out.

Intertitle – and feed the geese at Cawthorn Park

Peter feeds bread to a couple of geese.

Intertitle – not to mention the swans!

Peter, with his pet dog, also feeds some swans swimming on the river before walking through the Park.

Intertitle – Then there's riding into town

Peter, accompanied by a man, rides a horse into town, passing some schoolboys coming the other way.

Intertitle – . . . to see they're keeping busy at the works

A panoramic view over the town shows a factory, then shown in close and finally inside, where machines are in action.

Intertitle – Of course at Week–Ends I have to take My People for a Picnic

The family is sitting on a river bank, where the film begun, having a picnic.

Intertitle – The "Old Man" talks a lot about "Hard Work" –

His mother and father sit and have a cigarette.

Intertitle – But who washes up their dirty dishes?

Peter washes the cups and plates in the river whilst his mother and father relax in the sun.

Intertitle – Of course my busiest time is at the seaside.

Peter plays in the sand with another boy on a crowded beach.

Intertitle – Teaching David to ride is really "donkey work"!

Children take donkey rides on Redcar beach. The family dig a large hole in the sand and surround it with sand castles.

Intertitle – Sometimes they fancy a Joy Flight . .

A man spins the propeller of a small aircraft (G–ACFF) it takes off, and they film a train passing along the coast at Blackpool.

Intertitle –  . .. or a trip to the motor races

A car motor race is filmed though a country park.

Intertitle – My worst worry is when They get that "Cruising" craze

The family get on a small powered boat on a lake.

Intertitle –  I know just how the "Queen Mary's" skipper feels

The boat makes its way across the lake.

Intertitle –  So when the Autumn comes I'm glad to send relations for a run in the woods . .

A couple walk along a path through a wood.

Intertitle –   . . while I pack up, and hope for a quiet life

Peter packs up a tent, whilst his mother sits on the branch of a tree.