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This is a film produced by the British Government, through the Central Office of Information (COI), as part of a monthly cine-magazine produced specifically for cinema distribution in South and South East Asia. It includes a Medical Missionary Centre in South West Laos, Thai students learning English in Britain, Hornsea Pottery, a telephone factory, a toy company, and Concorde flying over the Queen's Birthday Parade.

'Roundabout' Title: 'People, Places, Events'

A nurse arrives at the Thakek Medical Missionary Centre in South West Laos in a jeep, where a doctor is treating a woman. The hospital was funded by the Columbo Plan and completed in 1967. A dentist from Britain is also at work. The commentary informs that Britain has supplied staff and equipment. A man is being giving an X Ray to check for tuberculosis, checks are undertaken in the Pathology Department and someone is having surgery. In the pre-natal clinic an expectant mother is being examined. Students attend a class in midwifery. The Columbo Plan also finances South East Asian students to study in Britain, including the University College of North Wales. The College is seen situated below a church, and in the language Laboratory there is the 500th Thai student to come to Britain under the Plan. They are learning English as a second language using tape recorders and headphones, and mix with the English students. Two Thai students go up a Welsh mountain. They are seeing snow for the first time and have a snowball fight.

Inside the Hornsea Pottery factory, employees are at work making pottery and tea cups. A man puts on the spouts of a teapot by hand. Women sponge and prepare the pots for firing, and a moving belt of wooden chips round off the edges. The pots are decorated and glazed. Some of the decoration work is done by hand, while other products are glazed through an automatic process. The final product is checked by employees, both by ear and by eye, before being boxed up and sent out for distribution.

The film switches to showing some examples of telephones down the years and then to a room full of women working on components in a telephone factory. Then it goes on to show telephone cable being made and switchboards being assembled and checked.

Moving on to a Toy company, provided with the name 'Britains Ltd.', who have set up a panel of children to advise them. The children, aged between 9 and 12, have been taken from London schools. The children sit around a table trying out various toys and making notes on them. They are then shown around the factory to see the manufacturing process and have a go themselves.

Next the Queen is seen on horseback outside Buckingham Palace during the Guard's parade for her official birthday. Concorde flies overhead on its first flight over London.

The End COI