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YFA 3150



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This film documents Carleton school and the children who attend. While the older children go on holiday, the younger ones stay behind and participate in gymnastics. Also, on the school open day, the children's artwork is on display for all to see.

Title - School Seniors Leave for the Summer Trip

A bus, with a sign reading, 'Hargreaves Hibden Skipton Yorkshire' makes it way down the street while a group of school children are waiting in the schoolyard. The children then get onto the bus with the chaperones and parents nearby watching. There is a shot of the church tower, showing the time of 9am, as the bus leaves to begin the journey.

Title - Infants remain - for physical education

The younger children of the school are in the gymnasium using various types of gymnastic equipment including the horse and balance beam.

Title - And Music And Movement

The children, performing many types of dances, dance around the gym. Two of the teachers can briefly be seen in the front dancing along with the children. There are many types of movement exercises that the children also do in the gym class.

Title - Summer "Flower Parade" in Carleton
School Open Day 1972

Inside the school, there is much artwork on display which has been made by the children in all the grade levels. Parents and teachers meet and talk while all those attending the open day admire the artwork.

Title - The End