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This film, made by Rev. Underwood, features different events which took place in the early 1970s in Carleton, North Yorkshire.  Events include the closing of the Co-op as well as Christmas and Easter celebrations.  

Title - Village People and Events 1971-2

Title - A Carleton Production...

Title - This film is an attempt to show something of village life - its many sidedness during the course of a year.  First a causality - After many years of service the Co-op closes its doors

Title - Carleton Co-op Closes - Farewell Mr. Cowman
There is a shot of the exterior of the building, and the inside, Mr. Cowman is behind the counter, and in the store, customers are purchasing items.  Hanging up there is a notice which reads ‘ Notice - this shop will close on Saturday October 30, 1971.  Members may make application for all or part of their shares but it is hoped that most will have shares transferred.’

Title - Pre Xmas Church Sale
Here there is clothing, sweets, and a variety of other items laid out on tables with mostly the women and children of the church at this event.

Title - WI Members rehearse for an entertainment - and the Brownies look on -
A group of ladies do a song and dance, and the Brownies, grouped around them, sing along.

Title - Christmas 1971 at School
The school children perform a Christmas play which begins with the choir processing onto the stage singing a song, and shortly after, children dressed as pirates and natives act out a fight scene.  For the next portion of the play, children bring out different types of food for the Christmas feast, and a priest puts something into a stocking hanging by the fireplace.  The angel appears to Mary, and the Holy family gathers around for the nativity portion of the play. 

Title - Christmas 1971 at the WMC
A brass band plays while many children sit and watch while others sing and dance along to the music. 

Title - Duckworth’s Dies But is Born Again - Business as Usual
Inside Duckworth Grocers, a woman is stocking the shelves as another woman is coming into the shop.

Title - Sheep May Safely Graze
There is a shot of the parish gates, and inside there are many sheep grazing in the graveyard.

Title - Easter Flowers in Church
There are flowers on display on the alter of the church