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NEFA 20313



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Footage of children from the Pendower Hall Special School, Newcastle upon Tyne, attending a royal motorcade; views of a vintage car show; and a record of the children’s trip to Bad Ischl in Austria.

A group of children, some of them physically disabled, relax in the sun by an outdoor pool.

View of the junction of Shields Road and Headlam Street in Newcastle, where a long row of children in wheelchairs are lined-up. Behind them a row of shops: Harton “Same Day Cleaning” dry cleaners shop, Co-operative, DER Television Rentals, Northern Rock, Marika’s, and Graves. A motorcade, possibly carrying members of the royal family, drives past.

Views of historic vintage cars driving along an open country road.

Close-up of one of the vehicles (reg. P 8530)which is parked by the side of a road, a traffic policeman converses with the driver. Views of various other vintage cars (F 7230, UST 1).

Footage from a horse show jumping or dressage competition.

Panoramic view of children eating a picnic in a mountainous area. High peaks surround the group.

View of a group of children aboard a mining train entering a tunnel, above which is written, “Maria Theresia Stollen 1775”, a salt mine near Bad Ischl in Austria.

Views of mountainous countryside.