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In 1934, the distinguished members of the gentlemen’s Pen and Palette Club, Newcastle upon Tyne, enjoy trips to the Farne Islands bird reserves off the coast of Northumberland, and to the Northumbrian country mansion. Kirkley Hall, located just outside Ponteland. This amateur film was shot by a member of the Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers’ Association (ACA).

Title: Pen and Palette Club Members Visit the Farne Islands

Members of the Pen and Palette Club (all older men) gather in Higham Place, Newcastle upon Tyne, at the start of a trip to Northumberland and the Farne Islands in 1934.

The men board three boats at Seahouses Harbour. Various travelling shots record the men in one of the boats and Inner Farne and its lighthouse.

The boats are ashore on one of the Farne Islands. Various shots are taken of the wild bird life; an Eider duck, birds’ eggs in nests and birds swarming above the shoreline.

The boat trip continues to another island. The men are seated in one of the boats. Travelling shot of another boat sailing around the cliffs of an island, birds nesting on the rocky cliffs and stacks. Close-up of birds nesting on the cliffs, white bird droppings staining the rock.

The men stand on the shore of one of the islands, and on the cliff tops, one or two dressed in knickerbocker suits.

Travelling shots from a boat as the Pen and Palette Club members sail back to Seahouses. Group portrait shot of the men on board one of the boats.

The boat sails back into Seahouses Harbour, passing a fishing boat (LH115) moored beside a harbour wall.

Title: Pen and Palette Club at Kirkley Hall 7 July, 1934

Two grey-haired and well-dressed gentlemen, members of the Pen and Palette Club of Newcastle upon Tyne, cross the lawn in the grounds of Kirkley Hall country mansion. Groups of members (one in a Panama hat and sunglasses) stroll around the gardens, and stand chatting.

Some of the men enjoy games of pitch and putt (amateur golf). A few hover around outdoor café tables. Two of the men chat in the sunshine beside a water fountain.

Outside the hall, the men now enjoy afternoon tea, served by silver service waitresses. One of the men takes a closer look at small drawings on display, pinned in a grid onto a board leaning against a wall.

General views of Kirkley Hall pond and house. Two of the men walk onto a bridge observatory protruding into a wooded ravine. Some of the men visit a milking shed, the cows hooked up to an automatic milking system.

The men now visit a chapel, possibly at Kirkley, near Ponteland.

The members then congregate on the veranda at Kirkley Hall and enjoy a drink and a smoke.