Film ID:
YFA 3656



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The film shows traffic and pedestrian movement at two major junctions in Sheffield city centre. It includes motor vehicles and trams and there are images of people during the post-war austerity years.

The film begins with views of the High Street/Market Place junction. Fitzalan Square can also be seen. There is still considerable evidence of damage caused by wartime bombing. The streets are busy with traffic and pedestrians, who have to try to avoid the vehicles to cross the road.

It is a similar scene at the other end of High Street where more pedestrians are crossing Church Street and Fargate. This is followed by more general views showing Fargate and Church Street, including Cole Brothers store and the Cathedral forecourt.

The film returns to High Street/Market Place and then again to Church Street/High Street/Fargate with similar street scenes.

At the junction of High Street and Market Place a white-coated policeman is now on duty. Policemen are also on the crossings at the bottom of Fargate and Church Street to control both the traffic and the pedestrians.


The film is believed to have been made for traffic survey purposes and appears to concentrate on the problem of controlling the flow of pedestrians across two major junctions in the main shopping area of Sheffield.


Transferred to Sheffield Libraries from the City Council's Publicity Department in 1985.