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YFA 6064



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This sort film was taken during an open day at Peckfield Colliery in Micklefield, West Yorkshire, only a few years before its closure on 21st October, 1980.  The film includes footage of the workers leaving the factory as well as celebratory events including a parade and employee football match.  Also included is a trip to Cumbria and an illuminations light show.  

The film opens as workers, all waring white overcoats and hard hats, come out of one of the factory buildings.  There is a mixture of male and female employees, and the footage is filmed from an elevated position.  The filmmaker zooms in and out of a few workers as they make their way up an outdoor staircase.  A field and houses can be seen in the distance.

Next there is a parade which is led by a brass band.  The band is seated on a flatbed truck, and the parade is filmed from the street.  Other trucks carrying people pass as well as a horse and cart carrying the carnival queen.  Two men pass carrying a large white hardhat with a light, similar to the ones the workers wore as they exited the colliery.  More cars pass.

A women’s football match takes place, and some spectators are seated on the side-lines.  There are many families with children enjoying the festivities in the surrounding area.  

Back at the colliery, there are more workers dressed in white, and the scenes are filmed now from ground level.  There is footage of the grounds surrounding the factory, and a few families can also be seen.  A large white tent or marquee has been set up as well.  

The next section of film features views of a scenic countryside.  There is a sign for Castlerigg Stone Circle in Keswick, Cumbria before footage of the stone circle is shown.  Tourists make their way around the site to examine the stones.     

The film closes with a light show.  1976 can be seen in illuminations, and cars and other passers-by can be seen in the shadow of the lights.