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YFA 91



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This is a film from the Noel Beardsell Collection of a family holiday to the Lake District.

Title – Portrayed by Noel T Beardsell
Intertitle – Britain’s most peaceful panorama – the English Lake District.

The film begins with a view over one of the lakes, with a boathouse and a bus parked.

Intertitle – Over the Kirkstone Pass thousands of motorists come roaring – in search of rest and peace.

Several cars and motorcyclists come around the pass in a slow, meandering fashion.

Intertitle – The quieter the scene – the noisier the cars.

A long line of buses come around a bend, filmed speeded up.   

Intertitle – Startled herons fly off in alarm.

Herons fly over a lake, and more cars and buses come around the bend.

Intertitle – . . . and mountain –dwellers utter a scornful "Baa – a – a!"

A sheep is up in the mountains looking down at the traffic.

Intertitle – Even the rivers seem in a hurry to reach the lakes.

Several waterfalls and mountain rivers are filmed.  Mrs Beardsell and Peter stand on top of a bridge with another woman.

Intertitle – The ferry carries passengers and cars across Windermere.

The ferry, pulled by cable, is filmed as it journeys across.  They drive off, followed by a truck carrying sacks of coal, ‘W&J Turner’.

Intertitle – But the modern spirit demands something faster than steam!

A tourist cruise boat comes in to dock.

Intertitle – This motor boat is Lakeland's latest concession to hurrying guests.

Several passengers hurry past the Old England Hotel to board the boat.

Intertitle – Speed madness.

The boat pulls way across the lake, filmed speeded up.

Intertitle – Model yachts show grace as well as pace.

Several model boats are shown among the rowing boats.

Intertitle – But Lakeland has the visitor under its spell.

Mrs Beardsell walks along the side of a lake and stops to admire the view.  Mrs Beardsell, Peter and another woman, possibly a maid, sit by a stream and have a picnic, eating sandwiches.

Intertitle – Rush gives way to quiet enjoyment of its manifold charms. .

Part of a lake is filmed from a boat as it slowly moves through the water, with cows grazing on the grass banks.

Intertitle – . . and colour.

(Col.)  There is a view over a lake, and then from a boat journeying across the lake, filmed in faded colour.  Another ferry boat takes a car across to the other side.  There is a view of a sailing boat on the lake from the Ferry Hotel.  The film finishes showing a mountainside.