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YFA 1467



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This is a comical film about a man who tries to stop the relentless noise he encounters in his everyday life. The sound is very muted throughout and may be the result of a poor quality soundtrack.

Title: 'Leeds Movie Makers Presents Dale Rann, David Tickner, Duncan Ward in Peace, Perfect Peace'

Production team: Jean Goodwin, Dave Morton, Harry Nichols, Ian Simpson, Arthur Steeles, directed by Norman Goodwin'

The film begins with a man sitting on a bench feeding pigeons. Traffic is passing by in the background. He gets up and goes to a busy outdoor market where he buys fruit from a stall. As he makes his way through the market, visible is the hustle and bustle of the market stalls and the small fair rides. Back amongst the traffic, loud noise comes out from the 'Project Video' shop. He takes a bus out to a park where he sits on the grass to eat an apple, away from anyone else. But then a boy appears waving a football rattle, and a young man walks past with a loud ghetto blaster. He moves off to sit on a park bench, and as he doses off, another youth walks past with a loud radio. As the man walks across a field, he passes a young man sitting on a tree stump playing an electric guitar. He mutters to himself as he passes, and the man playing guitar gives him a 'V' sign he as passes.

The man then emerges from an Amateur Electronics shop reading a copy of 'everyday electronics'. At home and using instructions from this journal, he makes an anti-noise generator. As he tests the machine, he has a good laugh to himself. He then leaves home and, back in the park, sits on a bench reading a newspaper. He is joined by the man with the loud radio. After a short while he gets the anti-noise generator out of his pocket and from behind his paper, switches it on. The radio suddenly stops working. The man gets up in frustration and throws the radio into a wastepaper basket. With a smile on his face, the man then puts the anti-noise generator back into his pocket and walks off. As he passes a man riding a bike listening to music through earphones, he again activates the anti-noise generator, causing the man to fall off his bike. Reclining on a bench, he does the same when the man with the ghetto blaster passes by.

Walking down a street he passes a man listening to his cars radio with the door open. He again activates the anti-noise generator causing it to stop. But then, sitting back on the park bench, he looks at his watch and rushes off, accidently leaving his anti-noise generator behind. It is found by a couple of passing children. Walking along 'Tranquillity Avenue' the children turn it on as they pass a man using an electric hedge trimmer, which then stops working. A similar thing happens as they pass a house where a woman if using a vacuum cleaner, which goes out of control, and when a car engine goes up in smoke as a man is working on it. In another house an electric clock goes haywire. As they continue they pass the house of the man who lost the generator and, as he sits watching TV, the set blows up knocking him to the ground and unconscious. Oblivious to all this the children carry on down the road. In the meantime the man is recuperating from his accident and being comforted by friends. They leave and the man continues to read his book, 'deafness: let's face it'.

The End