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YFA 5926



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This is one of three films made by newly formed Pocklington Canal Amenity Society documenting the work they carried out in restoring the canal and some of their activities connected to this.  Included in this film is a PCAS  garden party at the canal head and the official opening of the canal.

Title – Pocklington Canal Amenity Society: Garden Party at Canal Head, Saturday 6th September 1969. 

A car pulling a trailer delivers the boat to the canal.  The boat is lowered into the canal next to where the Garden Party is taking place and where children are wandering around the stalls.

Title – The Opening Ceremony as performed by Councillor Mrs I Allison of Pocklington

Councillor Allison gives an opening speech from a platform to those assembled.  Above the platform is a banner which says:  “Enjoy your Inland Waterways.”  Councillor Allison then places a bouquet of flowers on the boat which has been launched into the canal before she herself takes to a rowing boat for a photo op.  Children play around the canal and there are some model boats.

Title – Invasion

A boy swims across the canal.  Other children use a rope attached to a tree which has formed a swing across the canal.  

Title – Saturday 16th May 1970.  Visit to the Pocklington Canal by the East Riding Branch of the Ramblers Association.

The ramblers have assembled near to a road sign for East Cottingwith outside the Blue Bell Inn.  They set off while others wait by Pocklington Canal.  

Title – At the end of the walk

The ramblers have arrived at the Canal Head, with the Wellington Oak pub on the Hull Road in the background.

Title – PCAS Garden Party Saturday 15th August 1970

Men put up stalls in preparation for the party.  Scaffolding is supplied by “Norman Steels, Haulage and Livestock, Thornton, Melbourne, York.”  Bales of hay are used in making the stalls near the canal.  

A procession sets off from Pocklington, marching through the Market Place, past the shop of Clarks, headed by a Scouts band and a car pulling a boat (“Dolphi”) on a trailer, with a High Speed Gas float, a local beauty queen, a vintage fire engine and some people in fancy dress.  They arrive at the canal head.  

Title – The PCAS Waterway Queen, Mrs Christine Barber, performs the opening ceremony.

The Waterway Queen makes a speech from the platform.  There is a children’s fancy dress competition and stalls.

Title – Saturday 10th October 1970, Canoe and Dinghy cruise from Cottingwith to Melbourne

Again we see the road sign for East Cottingwith as cars arrive with small boats in tow.  The Mayor gets into one of the boats.

Title – Councillor T E Scaife JP, Chairman of Pocklington RDC gives the official send-off to the cruise.

The boats set off.  The Mayor is in the first boat which is followed by the rest, including many canoes, which make their way in a ramshackle single file.

Title – Hagg Bridge

They arrive at Hagg Bridge.

Title – Gardham Lock  

Boats pass by, mostly canoes.

Title – Melbourne

Spectators are watching from a bridge, and then at the end of the cruise, there is a large marquee, stalls, a scouts band playing, and archery in a sports field.  There is also a children’s fancy dress competition and a motorcycle display which involves a slow race.

Title – Progress at East Cottingwith.  “Some changes to the canal from 1970 to 17th July 1971 when once again the lock gates opened to allow craft to enter Pocklington Canal.”

Men carry out maintenance work to the side of the canal where trees and other foliage are chopped back from the banks.  A large crane is used to replace the walls of the lock.  

At the opening ceremony of the lock a boat passes through, the “Leander.”  There is a marquee with families enjoying the occasion as more boats pass through the lock including one called “ S V Grebe.”  Walkers arrive from the canal path and have picnics.  A vicar makes a speech.  There is a tug of war across the canal, prizes awarded, and children play on boats on the canal.

Title – The End