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YFA 2716



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This brief film is part of a collection that records a family from York's trips to the coast and countryside around North Yorkshire. The films were all shot by the Lord Mayor of York's son and are a child's view of these days before World War Two.

The film opens with a long shot of men standing together with the sea at Whitby rolling in behind them. A group of adults and children are having a day at the beach; they are wearing hats, scarves and coats.

A young man and a woman smile for the camera. Following this are shots of the group arranging themselves on deckchairs and laughing at the camera.

A man sits on his deckchair with a dog on his lap and a young girl poses for the camera.

A man stands and smiles for the camera as he balances a tray with tea pots and tea cups on it. He walks along the beach with the tray and a cup topples from the pile onto the tray.

Two women sit on deckchairs and as soon as one of the women sees the camera she covers her face with her arm.

The next scene is taken from point-of-view of a car on the road and looks back at another car driving behind it.

In another scene the same group are on the moors having a picnic. The camera captures the children as they pose in a group together as well as close ups of one girl smiling before the film ends with a panning shot of the moors with a man and boy in the foreground.