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YFA 2347



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This film is from the Wilkinson collection and comprises of several wedding celebrations and some other family gatherings. There is also footage of the decorations put up around Wakefield and the window displays that were constructed to celebrate the coronation of Princess Elizabeth.

A family sit around a table having Christmas dinner; they pull crackers and cut the cake. There is a brief shot of some Christmas lights on a tree and on a building. Following this are shots of another family having a dinner; there is a close up of a large iced cake, custard in bowls, silver ware, china and other types of cakes on the table. The camera pans around the table and each person smiles at the camera. Then an older couple cut the cake which turns out to be an anniversary cake. After this are shots of another family gathering which has a lot more guests so they have had to use two tables; they all smile at the camera.

The following section is in black and white and is filmed from outside a church; the bridesmaids get out of the car and walk in the gate followed by a car with other guests; they are helped out of the car by army officers. The bride arrives and walks in the gate. The shot cuts to the married couple coming out of the gate and getting into the wedding car.

The car with the couple arrives at the reception and they get out and smile for the camera; they are covered in confetti. The bridesmaids arrive and go into a stone building.

Following this is colour footage of guests arriving at another wedding. The bride and groom arrive in their own suits and outfits and walk into the church. The guests throw lots of confetti on the newly married couple when they come out of the church and climb into the car. A big pile of confetti remains on the street! There are shots of the bride and groom posing for the camera outside the reception and then the guests arriving.

In the next section are a variety of plain and iced cakes that are on display in the Wilkinson shop window. In the window is bunting and a photograph of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip. A bus, painted the colours of the English flag, drives along a road; the words `Elizabeth II, God bless her, Long May She Reign' are printed on the side. A town has been decorated with bunting, flags and pictures of Princess Elizabeth to celebrate her coronation. Two bus conductors stand in front of a `Union Jack' number 82 bus which is headed to Wakefield, Ardsley and Leeds.

The next section is black and white.

There is a brief shot of some children playing in and beside an indoor pool. The shot cuts to a river flowing over a small dam and a boy sitting on a fence with his mother. There is a series of shots of some houses in the town, a young boy and a toddler sitting and posing for the camera and a family walking in a park; many of the people are pushing prams. These are followed by some shots of family members.