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YFA 5225



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Part of the Parkin family collection, this film documents the family holiday in the North of Wales in 1955.

It opens with the façade of ‘Hotel Belvedere.’ Next there is a scenic panorama view of the Colwyn Bay coastline, taken from above. The children play on the beach, splashing in the water. There is a pier in sight in the background.

The next shot is a picturesque view of Criccieth Beach coastline. It is a sandy and rocky beach where the children play in the sand with some crabs.

The family visit Swallowfalls. There is a short sequence of a baby goat climbing a stone wall.

Following this is footage of the Parkin mother and children driving their new car (a Humber Hawk) out of a driveway. The family are seen sitting happily inside the car.

Back at the Criccieth beach, this time shot from the seafront. There are rowing boats on the shore and the two children are seen in the distance playing and throwing rocks into the water.

There are more scenic shots of a coastline: Llandudno. Shot from behind, the family are standing in a line throwing stones into the sea. They are then seen stopped at the side of a mountain road looking over a brick wall at the sea views.

In the next portion of the film, there are shots of Conwy harbour and Conwy castle, where the family are visiting. They then visit ‘The smallest house in Great Britain’ and the shipwreck at Menai Strait.

The family travel on the Snowdown railway up to the summit. The steam train is seen at the station and the stops it makes to see the views on the journey. When they reach the summit, a sign reads: ‘Highest Station in Great Britain.’ There are a few scenic shots of the views and the family posing for the camera at some of the viewpoints.

Following this, there is a sequence of shots in Bodnant Gardens and closes with the family walking around the town of Chester Rows in Chester, Cheshire.