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YFA 5229



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This is a film from the Parkin family collection. It features various family outings and holidays including trips to the Yorkshire Dales, London, a boat trip and the seaside.

It begins with footage of a family outing to the Yorkshire Dales, with shots of sheep and where the Parkin family enjoy a picnic and play with rocks near a river.

A short sequence of footage from London is shown: guards are sitting on horses outside a building with children surrounding them.

The Parkin family board a river boat with the Robshaws, a family featured in various films from the collection. On the boat the children sit and watch as the two fathers clean it. This takes place in Acaster Malbis; there are charming views along the riverside.

Following this there is a shot of a man standing at a waterfront, where some rough waves are crashing.

In a back garden, a father plays with some children. This cuts to a shot of a car pulling up at a large house. A woman sits on a grassy lawn, smiling. On a porch the woman smiles and waves at the camera, a young man sits beside her, smiling too.

The Parkin family are sitting enjoying another picnic in a field, possibly the Dales again. They are joined by the Robshaws and another family. The mothers and children dance and jump around together in the countryside.

This is followed by some footage of a family trip to Whitby beach. It is quite empty and a pier can be seen in the background. In the distance the family spot a group of men rowing in the sea.

A cricket field is shown. One of the teams walks onto the pitch and begin the match.

After this, a there is footage of miscellaneous family moments: The Robshaws’ canal boat is shown again. This cuts to a shot of the Parkin daughter with a large bunch of bluebell flowers. There are some scenic views of the countryside, possibly the Dales. The Parkin children play on a swing in their back garden. Richard Parkin, the son, plays on a wooden rocking horse and Jennifer Parkin, the daughter, plays with a dolly pram. Margaret Parkin, the mother, is ironing. The children and their cousins read books on the grass in the back garden.

The Parkin children are playing on the beach in the sand and build a ‘sand car.’ Richard then runs into the sea and they both splash around in little water pools on the shore. A short clip of the children and some other family members in a flower garden are seen next.

Back on the Robshaw’s canal boat at Castleford Canal, various men are on board. There is a shot of the back of Mr. Robshaw at the front of the boat, looking down the river. The men pull silly faces and wave at the camera.

This scene cuts to some aerial footage from an aeroplane of the runway, a coastline and the sea. This is intercut with a promenade where many seagulls are circling.

On the canal boat the Parkin family spot a group of people using ropes and poles to rescue some cows who have got stuck in the river. They are surrounded by spectators and many people help the rescue.

More London footage: the outside of Buckingham Palace and the family feeding pigeons in Trafalgar Square.

All of the family, including all the cousins, are sitting on a wall in the back garden. The children play together.

The film ends with a rugby match.