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YFA 5219



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This film is one of several from the Parkin family collection.  It documents various family activities and events, including a wedding and a trip to London.

The film opens with shots of a windmill and a river taken from a boat, where a man is sitting taking photographs.

The next scene shows a man dressed in motorbike clothing on the floor, reading a map. There are bikers with their motorbikes in the background. A man hands the person filming a card with the number thirteen on it. Various men stand in a circle looking at maps. Motorbikes with sidecars and cars prepare for the rally. The next sequence shows part of the rally, where people stand at the side of the road and watch as the contestants go by. One of the organisers hands them a piece of paper when they pass this point. Various shots show cars pulling into the road and winding engines.

The Parkin family, joined by another family, take a trip to the seaside. They play games and have sack races on the beach. Seated around in the sand, they blow up balloons and pop them. The group run into the sea and paddle on the shore. A boat full of children is in the sea approaching the shore, where they disembark.

The Parkin children are shown in their garden again, running around rose bushes, dancing and playing. A shot of a country road filmed from a moving car follows this sequence.

A wedding ceremony has just ended and the couple exit the church, where they pose with other guests for photographs. Family members and friends then throw flower petals and rice as they enter their car.

A short clip of a race in a stadium is shown, shot from the side-lines. A woman is seen taking photographs and waving at the camera.

A family visit to London. There are various scenic shots of London, including: Harrods, the outside of Buckingham Palace and its surroundings and Piccadilly Circus where a female family member takes photographs. They feed pigeons in Trafalgar Square and pose with the lion statues. There are also shots of Number 10 Downing Street, including a shot of the street name. Red double decker buses drive down a London road.

The next scene is on a fishing boat, where a woman shows off the fish they have just caught, and then return to shore with them. There is a short scene of the children on a donkey ride, which then cuts back to the boat scene.

Shot from a Wakefield train platform, there are two boys waving from the train as it leaves the station in direction to London.

In the countryside, the Parkin children climb stone walls and sit together on the grass. The children play with a frog they find.

The film ends with the Parkin family having a picnic sitting on blankets.