Film ID:
YFA 5221

PARKIN 1957-1959


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This film is one of several from the Parkin collection. It depicts family activities in the countryside on their visit to Castleford, a trip to the seaside and a birthday party.

The film begins with scenic shots of the flowers and trees in Queens Park, Castleford. The Parkin children walk on the brick walls and play on the grass. It then cuts to a skyline shot of Castleford, showing its buildings and smoking factory chimneys.

In the countryside, there are shots of a motorbike, a car and a tractor driving down a lane. There are various shots of the buildings and churches in the village of Ledston. This then cuts to a shot of a port, where two men are fixing one of the boats.

The Parkin family enjoy a trip to the beach with their grandmother, eating and having an ice-cream.

The children now play in a field on old farming equipment. They are camping on a farm and are shown a new calf by the farm owner. They then play with a cat and collie dog.

Another seaside scene where the children are playing. The next scene shows a large gathering in a square where a garden in Castleford is being opened. A plaque dates this occurrence as June 1959. There is a short sequence of more scenic shots of Castleford.

A birthday party is being celebrated in the back garden. A group of girls, aged around 6, are wearing party frocks and playing on a homemade slide. They stand together smiling and posing for the camera and then sit in a circle playing party games.

Shot from a train platform at Wakefield station, a train pulls in. The Parkin family sit on a bench waiting.

The Parkin family are now in Bridlington, sitting in camping chairs with more relatives and a campervan in the background.

The next shot was taken from the inside of a Mercedes Benz driving down a motorway. The Mercedes Benz bonnet badge (hood ornament) is in plain view throughout.

The film ends with a few shots of aeroplanes on the runway.