Film ID:
YFA 5222

PARKIN 1953-1956


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This film belongs to the Parkin family collection. It documents the family’s holiday to Isle of Man and more family activities at the seaside and fishing.

The film opens with the children sitting on a brick wall with their mother.

The family are on a ferry travelling to Isle of Man. There are shots of the boat and its equipment and a few men. From the boat we see a scenic view of the coastline as it arrives to the harbour. At the Douglas seafront the family ride a horse drawn tram. (Some of this footage is slightly faded.)

The next sequence is of a TT (Tourist Trophy) motorcycle race in the Isle of Man. There are shots of the race action taken from the audience where the audience is watching at the side of the road. This cuts back to more scenic footage of the waterfront, first taken from a moving vehicle and then from a standing point on the road. This footage provides good examples of transport means in the 1950s.

At the seaside, the children play with colourful balloons. The men play cricket on the beach. Next, the children are all lined up waiting to receive food given to them from the boot of a car.

There is a short panning shot of the house and the back garden which is filled with flowers.

In Acaster Malbis, the Parkin family board a boat. There are beautiful scenic views along the river (River Ouse) of old houses and mansions. The family is on the boat with another family, possibly the aunt, uncle and cousin. The children and adults take it in turns to use the smaller rowing boat on the river. More picturesque views of the river including: bridges, some town buildings and a few rowing boats.

In Bridlington, the family catch the ‘Yorkshire Belle Cruise’ ship. The sea is rough and windy and some of the passengers are being jolted around and getting splashed. On the boat there is an accordion player.

Back at the harbour there are various old men with small rowing boats. The father, John Parkin gets on one of the boats and fishes with the old men. He is seen holding up various fish with pride.

At the seaside the children play in the sand and wade in the water with the family and relatives. The family, including grandparents and aunt and uncle, sit together on the sand.

Some footage of fishing on a small boat full of men. Back at Bridlington port there are various anchored ships and boats.

The film ends with a shot of the skyline at sunset, shot from the sea.