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A home movie compilation by Ruth Jacobson produced between 1949 and 1950 that focuses on the family enjoying leisure time at the family home in Gosforth in Newcastle as well as holiday visits with family and friends including a trip to Tynemouth.

Title: With the Parkers, Tynemouth, 1949

The film opens on a man and young girl sitting on a grassy hill in Tynemouth, overlooking a pitch and putt green and tennis courts. A woman joins the two. The film cuts to a young boy running around a pitch and put green. Two men relax together in deck chairs near a woman on a park bench. A girl is plays pitch and put on the green. She then performs a gymnastics routine for the camera. The young boy then chases her. A general view of people relaxing on the hill follows.

Title: Vivienne, Toni & Jane Visiting

A woman stands in the driveway of a house with four children. The children play and fight over a ball, the woman comforting the boy who cries at the loss of the ball. The boy and woman join the girls playing football on a lawn. One of the girls walks towards the camera holding a doll. All the children play “ring-a-ring-a-roses”.

Title: Lenny & Children in Garden, 1950, & Ruth & Lenny, Children at Home, 1951

General views of Lionel Jacobson and the children riding bicycles in the front garden of a house. One of the girls displays her watch to camera. A young boy rolls around on the lawn, watched by Lionel in a deckchair in the background. There is a shot of a flowerbed that spells out a word. The girls point at the flowerbed. There are various shots of Lenny and Ruth in the garden with the children, playing, wrestling, and a woman tending to the flowers in the garden. A general shot of the garden follows. A man gets into grey Rolls Royce car and drives away. A girl peddles towards camera on a bicycle. A young girl picks flowers in the garden. Another girl does a handstand in the garden and then plays with a ball.

Title: Jonas & Vivienne Visiting

Jonas and Vivienne watch children performing gymnastics in a garden. The woman playfully chases the children around the lawn. The children eat ice-lollies. There is a general view of a house and garden, with a sign on the side of the house that reads “Leasyde”.

Title: Family, Pam Riding Near Bournemouth

A girl, dressed in riding gear stands in a farm courtyard. A horse is led into the courtyard. The girl checks the horse’s saddle before climbing on. Two riders head off from the farm. A boy in a red school blazer is throwing stones into a river. A man and woman stand beside a Rolls Royce car, the woman then climbs in. The girl rides towards camera. Cyclists race past camera in the final shot.

Title: Nolene, Hazel (Collins) & Us Before Angela’s Wedding in London

Two smartly dressed women cross a road and walk into the driveway of a house in London. A girl (Angela?) appears and gets into a car.

Title: Family with Grandma & Grandpa

A large family group pose for the camera with the grandmother and grandfather. The couples then smile and kiss which ends the film.